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Learn how to read more quickly--and absorb more of of the information you are reading--with Remember Everything You Read.

For the first time the secrets that have made the completely revised Evelyn Wood learning program so effective and popular are revealed. Remember Everything You Read not only teaches you how to increase your reading speed--all the while improving your comprehension--it also features tips and tricks to improve your study habits, more effectively take notes, and write papers, among others. It will become an invaluable resource for students, parents, teachers, and anyone looking to read--and comprehend--in a faster, more efficient manner.

Health, Mind & Body
April 21
Penguin Random House LLC

Customer Reviews

Doctor Chim richels ,

So glad I read it!

By the time I finished the book I had already doubled my reading speed with almost equal comprehension. When you first start doing it you think you are going to miss so much retention, but the crazy thing is the mind picks up so much more than you would believe. I highly recommend

Luke Amadeus ,

Truly Advanced Reading Skills

I have spent a fair amount of time searching for speed reading tips and tricks. They all have only gone so far, and have invariably left me wondering how any one gets beyond the 1000 word per minute level. This book has the techniques you've never been able to dig up from your internet searches, and gives a clear picture of exactly what you need to do to cover thousands of words per minute. It's not what you would expect either.

rogwalter ,

This Book Changed My Life!

I first read this book about 14 years ago because I got tired of getting stuck in the middle of multiple books and never finishing. I was reading at 250 wpm. Now I read about 1800 wpm with a better comprehension. I have read this book again and again as a refresher - about ten times! And this book helped me ace my doctoral program with straight A's.