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A young man struggling to forge his own path… A priestess forced to conceive an heir… A forbidden love…

Captured in a sweep of beings from Earth to aid planet Remeon's dying society, Jack is plagued by deep ceded deception and mind control from those on the planet who seek to dictate the end of life choices of their citizens.

Sides are chosen as ancient magical powers thought to be long dead align to intervene in the fate of the two young lovers forcing a chain of events in motion that cannot be undone.

Truths will be destroyed. Myths will find life. Whose ultimate power will reign?

Young Adult
June 20
BHC Press
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

robglen ,

Genre Defying

Remeon’s Quest is the next book in the Realms of Chaos series and takes us back in time from Remeon’s Destiny. In Quest, we follow the path of a young Jack Livingston as he experiences life like no other human has known. One of J.W. Garrett’s many literary talents comes in the form of character development. She knows how to put Jack through his proverbial paces. To use a metaphor, she puts him high up in a tree and throws everything at him, including the kitchen sink. Does she take him down? You’ll have to read the book to find out.

The trick is not making it seem contrived. And like a magician, Garrett wields her pen…or keystrokes as a master illusionist in a way that compels the reader to follow jack willingly from one hardship to the next, from one world to another, both losing and gaining much in this glorious saga.

First, there is Sam, Jack’s rock and father-figure, and then Harry, Jack’s BFF. But when Jack meets Whisterly, she turns both the worlds he now knows upside down. The author also has a way of clearly defining her characters through their actions and dialogue, as opposed to exposition, making the characters both unique and complex as well as the narrative exciting and engaging.

Garrett masterfully combines the genres of contemporary, sci-fi, and fantasy fiction into a captivating love story about life and death that’s literally out of this world. Pull up a chair, sit back, and be amazed.

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