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The founders of Basecamp explore the "work from home" phenomenon and show precisely how a remote work setup can be accomplished.

The Industrial Revolution's "under one roof" model of conducting work is steadily declining as technology creates virtual workspaces that allow employees to provide their vital contribution without physically clustering together. Today, the new paradigm is "move work to the workers, rather than workers to the workplace."

Remote work increases the talent pool, reduces turnover, lessens the real estate footprint, and improves the ability to conduct business across multiple time zones, to name just a few advantages. As Fried and Hansson explain the challenges and unexpected benefits of this phenomenon, they show why—with a few controversial exceptions such as Yahoo--more businesses will want to promote this model of getting things done.

Business & Personal Finance
October 29
The Crown Publishing Group
Penguin Random House LLC

Customer Reviews

EdwinBrett ,

Great Read

One of the best book on Remote Working out in the world today. Inspired me to look at applying for a new job where I can remote work :)

rizwanreza ,

Working remotely is the future

If you're even lightly interested in remote work, this book is the missing guide you've been waiting for. It not only covers why and when remote working makes sense, but also how you can avoid the pitfalls and manage employees who work remotely. It's a short read and clearly written book.

Jason-23(^_^) ,

really inspiring book

i really love the idea of this book, and i am actually start doing the same thing, but it seems the 37signal have around less than 50 employ in total, i guess it would be hard to manage if the company grows fast, for example 500 people work remotely?

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