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In order to receive healing and live in health, you must prayerfully evaluate your life as a whole and allow the Holy Spirit to guide you into wellness. 

In this book, Annette Capps gives an insightful, practical look at the emotional and spiritual hindrances that believers face daily.

Recognizing and removing these roadblocks can enable you to receive healing and walk in health and wholeness.

• Claiming Sickness as Belonging to You
• Belief in Tribal DNA
• Using Infirmity as a Tool
• Holding on to Negative Emotions to Forgive
• Feeding the Spirit of Infirmity
• Ignoring the Leadings of the Holy Spirit and Your Spirit
• Staying in an Unhealthy Environment
• Trying to Act Beyond Your Faith
• Believing You Will Be Healed in the Future

Author Bio:

Annette Capps is an ordained minister, businesswoman and licensed airplane pilot. A lifelong student of the Bible, her curiosity led her to investigate the similarities of “quantum physics” and the teachings of Jesus Christ. This powerful combination opened new dimensions for those seeking a bridge between the Bible and modern science.

Building on her former teaching subjects such as The Mind-Body Connection, and Changing the Course of Your Life, she demonstrates the practical application of spiritual principles in everyday life.

Guest appearances on the Concepts of Faith television program with her father, author and teacher, Charles Capps generated extra-ordinary interest as have radio interviews and magazine articles. In addition to the book, Quantum Faith®, Annette has authored four other books entitled; Reverse the Curse in Your Body and EmotionsOvercoming PersecutionAngels and God’s Creative Power® for Finances.

Annette and her husband reside in Tulsa, Oklahoma where she is the President of Capps Ministries which has locations in both Arkansas and Oklahoma.

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December 29
Capps Ministries
Charles Capps Ministries aka Annette Capps Ministries, Inc

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