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Renegade: Book 3 in the Special Tactical Units Division (STUD) Series

The guys in STUD take some kidding about the name of their Special Ops group. Actually, the teasing is well-deserved. STUD special ops warriors are drawn from the ranks of SEALs. They’re hard-bodied, tough, smart—and incredibly hot. Women hit on them all the time.

Declan Sanchez is a STUD warrior. At six feet two inches he has the black-as-midnight eyes of his Colombian father and the chestnut-shot-with-gold hair of his Irish-American mother. Dec is gorgeous. He’s a man who always goes after what he wants—and gets it.

Annie Stanton is a petite, hazel-eyed brunette. She’s beautiful, shy and she’s also the first woman Dec has ever wanted and not bedded. Annie wants him too. He knows that. But she’s inexperienced and he senses that rushing her would be a mistake. That’s okay. He’ll wait. He’ll do anything for the woman he’s starting to think of as his Annie.

Then, without warning, Annie disappears from Dec’s life. The next time he sees her is at the wedding of  STUD Chay Olivieri—except  she isn’t Annie Stanton anymore. She’s Princess Anoushka of the Kingdom of Qaram. Dec is furious at how she’d deceived him. He’s determined to forget her, but that’s hard to do—especially when, weeks later, it turns out that the only man who can save Annie from becoming the unwilling bride of a brutal dictator is Lieutenant Declan Sanchez and a raiding party of tough, combat-hardened STUDs.

July 19
Sandra Marton
Sandra Marton

Customer Reviews

DinBTan ,

Intense and Hot!

WOW! What a book! I was lucky enough to have been able to read an ARC of Renegade. Renegade is intense, action-packed, hot and gripping. Declan and Annie seem to be fighting a losing battle where their lives and love for each other are concerned. You will LOVE their story. Of course, always a bonus is getting to see the other STUD members again.

KathyDubois ,

Love STUD men!

I absolutely love Dec and Annie! I have loved many of Sandra's books and this was one of her best! I really did cry at one point and love STUD men!
I would definitely recommend this read to anyone who loves a wonderfully woven love story!

cinful11 ,

Hot STUD Rescuer

Once again Sandra Marton weaved a story that kept me reading reading straight thru from start to finish. Renegade is book #3 in the Special Tactical Units Division(STUD) series and is a winner in my book. Renegade features Declan Sanchez, a member of the STUD One Unit and Annie Stanton. The story begins with the STUD One soldiers assigned to a hostage situation and one of the hostages is Annie the Princess and that is when we find out the back story! When Declan a handsome, big, tough Alpha male and Annie, a shy young woman first meet both are attracted to each other. So as the relationship progresss nothing sexual happens but then lo and behold Annie disappears and Declan is mystified and hurt to what happened to her and keeps thinking about her which is messing with his mind and really not wanting another woman. Fast forward to Declan and Annie meeting back up at a wedding and Declan finding out that Annie is really Princess Anoushka of the Kingdom of Qaran, to say the least Declan is mad(he thought Annie was just playing games and got bored with him) because Annie never said anything about being a Princess and was proptly gone again. Have I caught your interest yet? I encourage you to read Renegade to find out what happens next, I am sure you will enjoy this story as much as I did. If you like stories with hot Alpha males who fall hard and would do just about anything for the woman he loves and a princess who doesn't want to be a princess, along with action, hot encounters, misunderstandings and a bunch of great supporting characters, this book is for you! Great read!
I received an ARC for an honest reveiw.

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