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It should have ended with their deaths.

But dying in a wash of blood was only the beginning.

Sentenced to eternal life for sacrificing themselves in battle, warriors Taz and Hiro must take turns living as human and Guardian on opposing sides of the veil with only a chance to catch a glance of each other in the moment of death.

Then an attack forces Taz and Hiro to make a choice. Should they cling to what little solace they've carved out for themselves? Or should they sacrifice themselves to save countless others and risk the wrath of the Judges for a second time?

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
August 14
Jackie Keswick
Draft2Digital, LLC

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After ten years of warfare, Taz and Hiro, protectors of their world have both died in battle. In risking their lives they broke the law when they died before their planned time. The Judge has decided their penance will be to protect the veil on different planes: one as living, one as watching and when one dies they will switch places. Taz and Hiro live for centuries, without any physical contact but always present when the others life has ended.

As centuries pass they get to see the world evolve. Hiro finds a way to communicate with Taz by dreamweed. Eventually, Taz becomes a chemist with Seldex that has him securing all diseases and weapons of mass destruction in an underground vault. If the vault is ever breeched it would cause major devastation throughout the world. When the vault is threatened by terrorists, Taz and Hiro have a final plan that could end their lives, no matter what the Judge’s penance entailed.

Jackie Keswick has brought to light a beautiful written love story with overwhelming emotions about Taz and Hiros’ growing feelings about each other. They spend centuries apart never having any physical contact, but always trying to find a way to escape the penance so that their souls could be together.

Although the story is mainly told by Taz the emotion is just heart wrenching. With each chapter I cheered these two wonderful characters on to find a way to each other. Along with the rollercoaster ride of emotions, Jackie Keswick also brought danger and suspense to the story as both Taz and Hiro make a last plan for their souls to be together.

There’s very vivid descriptions of the future and world building as the two MC’s live for hundreds of years and watch technology grow and change.

This was a top-notch, page-turner for me and I highly recommend this for anyone who loves fantasy or just an amazing story! I can’t go without praise for the cover art it’s absolutely beautiful and really reflects the story!

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