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Every leader functions on two stages--the front stage or public world, and the back stage or private world. One cannot lead successfully front stage when one is completely depleted back stage. In a time when pastors are leaving the ministry in record numbers due to cynicism, disillusionment, weariness, and personal scandals, there is an urgent need for soul care in the private lives of leaders.

Replenish helps leaders focus on the back stage, the interior life, in order to remain spiritually healthy. In a caring, encouraging tone, it will show pastors how to

prioritize matters of the soul
develop healthy spiritual practices
address problems that lead to burnout
create a healthy rhythm in their lives
improve their people skills and the spiritual climate of their team
develop better systems in their churches
discover how to lead an unhurried life

For the many ministry leaders who feel alone, in over their heads, or simply worn out, this book will offer welcome relief and a healthy way forward.

Religion & Spirituality
June 1
Baker Publishing Group
Baker Book House Company

Customer Reviews

Gamer31452 ,

Pastor Marco David, Midwest Bible Church

In a fast pace and technologically driven world, it's easy to neglect the care of your soul. And the cost of doing so is more than we can afford. If you are in ministry and want to finish well, this book will help you to get on the right path. Lance's insight, wisdom and personal experience helped me to see where I was, which was not a good place, why I was there, and how to get out of the funk and fog. If you are on the verge of burnout, or are already there, this book will help you learn to get back to a place where you are ministering from the overflow of a healthy soul. Thank you Lance Witt for writing this book.

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