Repressed Echoes Repressed Echoes
#1 - The Sendaxa Chronicles

Repressed Echoes

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Publisher Description

From USA Today bestselling author Rebecca Hefner

She's determined to save the world…even if she doesn't remember it.

World-renowned geneticist Danica Lawson woke up to a world that had been destroyed—by her own hand. She has no recollection of the downfall of society but is determined to repair the damage.

Moreover, the first face she sees is one that's eerily familiar—and undeniably handsome—even if she doesn't recognize the sexy soldier with the deep, soothing voice.

As Dani struggles to reverse the destruction, she realizes sinister forces are at play. For, a malevolent threat is sweeping through their dystopian world, and the window to defeat it narrows each day its reign strengthens…

If you love dystopian stories with steamy romance, STEM heroines, sexy silver-fox heroes and a race to save the world, this is your jam! Start the trilogy today!

January 23
Reading Goddess Press, LLC
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Book Snob Sue ,

So addicting…..

So, if you haven’t read a Rebecca Hefner book then you seriously need to. I am obsessed with her books, and writing style. They always wrap up a couple, but there is an intriguing ongoing storyline. Absolutely addicting with all the twists and turns, because stuff is always going south…and at a lightning fast pace. And even though it’s normally about a couple, we get multiple characters pov’s, which I love. They just glue you to the pages, and you only want more.

Dani is a scientist that created EverLife, a drug to lengthen the human lifespan, but it ended up being highly addictive to people that abused it. With so much of the population dead or addicted to the drug, the world is in dystopian chaos with an evil billionaire in charge. She and her small team are trying to get her antidote back so she can try and recreate it to save lives, but with one teeny tiny hiccup…she has amnesia, and can’t remember the last 5 years, oh, and her memory basically resets every morning after she’s slept. Yeah…what a total mess, and so addicting.

Safe read with a silver fox hottie, and his brilliant amnesia ridden wife that he is head over heels for. I love their interactions, they are quirky, and just get each other, very refreshing. Fantastic storyline, that will have you saying what the, and fantastic characters too. I cannot wait for the next book…and yes, I already looked up that it’s coming out in April, April 2nd to be exact…don’t judge me, you’ll be glad I let you know. And you’re welcome….because it’s so addicting, I just couldn’t put it down…and neither will you.

Ashley Miller92 ,

Dystopian Realistic drama with romance

I felt like 50% of this book could have been wrapped better and able to be shortened the world-building and focus on the actual plot problem of the drug wasn't the main focus. Otherwise, it was a cute 50 First Dates-inspired dystopian with drama, amnesia, love, and a strong FMC!

kuriedawn ,

Loved it

Rebecca is a one click author for me. I have loved everything I’ve read that’s written by her. This one is my favorite so far. I loved the whole 50 first dates meets a post apocalyptic world. Maverick is my hero. I love this man. In ways that I cannot describe the patience, the caring how he got through dealing with the love of his life forgetting him every day was just heartbreaking and beautiful and at times quite funny. Is who I want to be when I grow up. She doesn’t quit. The world has fall apart around her. She can’t remember anything and yet she still keeps pushing forward to solve the problems of the world around them and it’s so inspirational. Yes their problems there’s dramas there’s all kinds of stuff that don’t go right but at the end of the day, it was such a fun ride and a beautiful story and I loved every second. Highly recommend go buy it. You will be very happy you did.

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