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Life is a continuous learning process. The experiences you go through are opportunities leading to a better understanding of the things that will ultimately shape your decision-making skills and your destiny. The experiences you encounter in the journey of life are normally stored in a magnetic field surrounding you, just like a computer program. This is your aura.

As you walk around and interact with others, your individual uniqueness accompanies you. Your experiences are transmitted into your immediate environment in the same manner as a vibration. This transfer reflects the relationships and real physical occurrences you experience in life. The unfortunate thing, however, is that some of your subconscious statements concerning yourself may be out of date, incorrect, or even self-destructive. These distortions then attract undesirable experiences in your life, as they reflect your hidden negative beliefs. Take an instance where you subconsciously believe that your own creation is unworthy. This negative belief is then reflected on you and transferred to the world around you. Therefore, the people you attract subconsciously or overtly believe in your unworthiness. You and those around you are immersed in negative energy.

Remember, beliefs are subconscious, meaning they are hidden from the conscious. The subconscious mind is not easily available. Reaching and discovering the subconscious then changing it are the subjects of this book. You will learn various techniques that will not only help you interpret the subconscious but remove your negative beliefs so you may live a more fulfilling, stress-free life. There are systematic guidelines to help you achieve this goal.

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Understanding your belief systemControlling your subconscious mindThe deepening reprogramming technique

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January 14
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