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Enough with the infighting, the truth-denying, the wild conspiracy claims, the looking backward, and the refusal to focus on the dangerous Biden agenda. Here’s Chris Christie’s urgent guide for recapturing Republican glory and winning elections again, told with all the New Jersey frankness and news-breaking insights that have made the two-term governor, Trump early endorser, and presidential candidate an indispensable voice and instant New York Times bestselling author.

As governor of New Jersey and a key Trump insider and longtime friend, Chris Christie has always been known for speaking his mind. Now that the depressing 2020 election is finally behind us, he shares his bold insights on how a battered Republican Party can soar into the future and start winning big elections again.

The wrong answers are everywhere. Dangerous conspiracy theorists. A tired establishment. Truth deniers and political cowards. In Republican Rescue, Christie reveals exactly how absurd grievances and self-inflicted wounds sabotaged Donald Trump’s many successes and allowed Democrats to capture the White House, the House, and Senate in two years—a first for the GOP since the days of Herbert Hoover. In his frank and compelling voice, Christie dissects the last year of the Trump administration—which provoked nothing but conspiracy theories and infighting—and he lays out an honest and hopeful vision, explaining how Republicans can capture the future and save America from today’s damaging Democratic excesses.

The core Republican values of Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and Ronald Reagan are as relevant now as they’ve ever been, Christie writes. Opportunity for all. A strong national defense. Leaders we can all be proud of. Americans in charge of their own lives. A federal government that answers to the people—not the other way around. But these Republican ideals need to be reinvigorated with fresh clarity and open arms. Christie watched in horror as some in his beloved party embraced paranoia and explained away violence. Determined to restore the party’s integrity and success, he shows how to build a movement voters will flock to again, a Republicanism that’s blunt, smart, conservative, potent, and perfectly suited for the 21st century.

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November 16
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Stubone55 ,


I am an open minded independent that votes for the person or persons by their actions first and their words second! Governor Christie proved himself to me during, after, and working forward for his state. I've just finished reading his book and was kept interested as he spoke mostly from the heart and the actions that have happened in our country... He spoke a lot about Donald Trump but left out the snake oil salesman that milked the government and cult followers that would sign over their mortgages to this grifter and when they found out they next dinner is kibbles and bits they say "That's ok I'd vote for him anyway" I'm starting to hear the KOOL aid! The book kept my interest and spoke openly, but left out a lot about what the republicans are doing for POWER! Everything that has gone on to a failed coop to when ever the president was needed just call one of his failing golf courses.
The ex president is consumed with power, money and winning...Governor Christie I feel danced around the facts pre and post the ill mans presidency. Again the issues the Author spoke about kept me interested (trying to be open minded) but as we came towards the end of the book ice went into the KOOL ADE as here's how we save the country... REPUBLICANS, REPUBLICANS, AND MORE REPUBLICANS!
All of our problems are President Biden's fault, the democrats are destroying the country, and it sounds like Mr Christie's closing was a mind trick to bring all the Republicans back to power any way possible....
My final opinion is simple... Read Peril and get better educated! Sorry Gov. I too speak from the heart... Your defending the party and the cult leader who is a proven liar, thief, and cheat! The Republican Party the believes too follow are more dangerous and spineless then you make them out to be!
I apologize for spelling errors but I just finished the book and its 04:30 am and too all Americans...I have been in medicine and twenty five years on the street as a firefighter paramedic and I beg all of you to take precautions with the Covid virus and its variants...there's no false 650,000 dead bodies for a flu that will just float away...
God Speed and please stay safe!

Bill Boglioli ,

Republican Rescue

Excellent book. Governor Christie calls it as is. Gets him in trouble but he is honest , admits mistakes and recognizes others mistakes easily. Even if they are his own party or friends. Easy read and interesting

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