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Catherine Stovall’s Requiem of Humanity series is now combined into one volume!


Jenda and Soborgne are best friends and everything they do, they do together. Unfortunately, this time the girls may be joined at the hip in a far more horrible way: by death.

The girls are kidnapped and held captive by Belle and Matteo, two vampires with a plan. Belle, a sociopath in life and death, is searching for an heir to her reign as the only vampire to hold the secret to surviving the sun. Matteo is a lost soul who would give anything to be loved and to see the light of day. As the four characters’ worlds collide, blood is spilled, lives are lost, and rules are broken.

Disappointment in love and life bring out the worst in humans but, with vampires, it leads to a chilling tale of romance and terror.


Jenda, Matteo, and Soborgne have escaped to Budapest in search of a safe hiding place from the Dracul. Knowing their future is unsure and danger surrounds them, they seek out the help of Matteo’s old friend, Celeste, at the Castle Vajdahunyad. When Matteo confesses all his secrets, the girls learn their part in an ancient prophecy that foretells the destruction of humanity.

After a deadly attack on the castle, Soborgne disappears with the strange man from her dreams and Jenda is left trying to convince the others of her friend’s innocence. While Soborgne is busy relishing the life of a vampire unrestrained and learning the dark secrets of her own life, Celeste calls together a meeting of the Coven and the Clan--a group of vampires and witches--to prepare for war against the Dracul.

Trying to save her and Soborgne from certain death, Jenda works to unravel the mystery of the prophecy. Driven by unanswered questions, she ventures back into the astral world where she comes face to face with an enemy they all thought could never hurt them again. Jenda learns the key to finding Soborgne and preventing the prophecy, but it comes at a steep price.


With Soborgne in the hands of the Dracul, the vampires prepare to annihilate the demons, take over the Earth, and unseat God from his throne. However, Andras and his demon horde have their own designs, and the demon prince wishes to rule both in Heaven and on Earth.

The Clan and the Coven, a faction of witches and vampires against the destruction of humankind, would see Sobornge dead in order to prevent the prophecy from being fulfilled, and Jenda is once again determined to save her childhood friend. It's a game of winner-take-all as a great battle unfolds, but death comes in threes and no one is safe.

Trapped in the center of a vicious war between vampires, demons, and angels, Jenda and Soborgne have reached the final leg of their journey. Friendships are tested, lines are crossed, new allies and enemies surface, and the fate of the world lies in the balance between betrayal and love.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
March 10
Untreed Reads Publishing
Untreed Reads, LLC

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