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He never knew love until he met her… He never believed he’d find someone who would accept him for him until he met her… He never believed a beautiful woman with a heart and soul so pure would bring him to his knees…while opening herself to him and to a world full of love, passion, and desire.
Sean Harris had a rough start in life. But that all changed the day Reid and Sarah Smith adopted him, showing him what a loving family is. The transition in the beginning was hard, but over time, Sean began to see and feel the love of a devoted father and mother. As the years passed, the bond and connection to his family grew stronger and more solid.
His ambition and drive to succeed—and not to be like his birth father—is the unrelenting force behind his commercial success. But something is missing from his life… He’s essentially living in dormancy—not truly living—only existing. Despite numerous encounters with the opposite sex, he has never had a truly sustaining relationship. But that all changes the moment his future walks into his office, bewitching him—mind, body, and soul.
Shervon Jones evokes a reaction from Sean that he can’t comprehend. The instant she enters his office for an interview, he’s drawn to her in a way he’s never been drawn to a woman before. And his need to dominate and control her rushes to the surface, surprising and overpowering him. But he also wants to take the time necessary to explore her, while giving her every part of him.
What neither of them knows is that lurking in the dark corners is a man from Shervon’s past who is hell-bent on enacting revenge. When Sean discovers this, a protective and possessive side of him comes out…a side he didn’t know existed. Shervon is his future, and he’ll be damned if he lets anyone or anything jeopardize that.

Fiction & Literature
September 4
Cara Downey
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