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In one family, generation after generation relied on the magic of one Norse ring to lead them to their destined match. For those who heed its advice, only joy and health follow. But the ring has also been known to foreshadow impending doom. Ignore its truth at your peril….

Growing up on a farm has instilled a life-long love of animals, and Wren Werner has carried this love with him into adulthood. He spent every penny of his inheritance retrofitting his rural childhood home into a shelter for unwanted pets, and he's happy to care for them until they find their fur-ever home. His respect for life and nature was something his father instilled in him young, and he's happy to carry on that legacy, despite being inundated with more and more homeless animals and limited resources to help get them adopted.

Now, though, his biggest problem is an old, vitriolic woman who keeps calling him, demanding Wren return the ten-thousand-dollar check she accidentally sent him.

He would, had he not spent it rescuing more animals.

Worse, his family's magical ring keeps signaling him that this woman is his future!

As if!

The only good thing about this ring is that his kneejerk reaction to it usually has him bumping into a certain grieving young woman he'd love to get to know better, but she seems to slip in and out of his life before he can get her name, let alone her phone number. He's never felt so inadequate when it comes to helping people before, and he really wants to help her. If only he knew how to reach her!

Emma McWilliams is emotionally and spiritually lost. Her entire world revolved around her husband, Bill, but he died from a fluke accident involving a stray dog a mere two years into their marriage. After his death, Emma watched her entire early adulthood disappear. What was she to do with their big empty house, her unused college degree, and a world of pain? Honestly, her husband didn't leave her in the best position to move on, or even cope. The house they'd bought is burying her. Since it's not market-ready, she can't sell it, and without that money, her college dreams of starting her own company are moot. No way is she going to her billionaire grandmother for help, either; that woman is convinced that Emma's as worthless as her parents, who left her practically orphaned. Emma is trying to accept this new normal, but every time she turns around, another problem surfaces.

The only highlight of her life is that one man keeps appearing just before her world turns dark, cheering her up with a kind word or sweet gesture.

But every time she tries to get his name to thank him, he disappears.

Can't a girl catch a break?

June 2
Dorothy Callahan
Draft2Digital, LLC

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