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When you’re a Delta Force soldier, you see a lot. Often too much. But nothing can ever prepare you to see your entire team die before your eyes…

The loss of his Delta brothers—and his arm—has Dane “Fish” Munroe still struggling months later. He’s moved to Idaho, where an isolated lifestyle is making things worse, not better. Not that there’s anyone left to care.

Actually, Bryn Hartwell cares. In fact, she tries to surreptitiously make life just a little easier for the mysterious man who comes into the grocery where she works late at night, only to get a tongue lashing for her trouble. Still, he’s obviously hurting; someone has to worry about him, spurring Bryn to nurse Dane when he hits a particularly low point. 

Intrigued by the quirky, kind, socially awkward woman, Dane allows himself to get close to someone for the first time in ages. A potentially epic mistake—because when her interest in the prepper lifestyle puts Bryn in the hands of a homegrown terrorist, losing her could put Dane’s mental recovery permanently out of reach.

But once a Delta, always a Delta. And there’s a team in Texas who are ready to have Dane’s back at a moment’s notice.

October 10
Stoker Aces Production
Stoker Aces Production LLC

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Jbean168 ,


I LOVED this story!! This story is filled with intrigue, excitement and humor! Bryn is a genius and has a habit of spouting off random facts to everyone she meets and has felt like a freak all her life. Dane is ex-military and dealing with his own feelings of inadequacy. Together they are perfect! I absolutely loved Bryn's random facts! I learned a lot of things I never thought I would want to know! LOL!! This is not the normal romantic suspense, it's so much more!! Everyone needs to read this book!! A 10 star read for me!

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