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A Paranormal Romance retelling of Red Riding Hood

Sci-fi Fairytale Fusions (1)

Once Upon a Time...

In a land where grandmothers live planets away instead of on the other side of the woods, Liz finds herself in trouble.

Hindsight is twenty-twenty, but she'd risk it all again to help her Nana.

When danger catches her scent, will her knight in… fur and fury... rescue her from the beasts?

And who's going to save Red from the Wolf?

From two International Bestselling authors comes an exciting blend of traditional tales with the wonders of science fiction, taking the stories you love and twisting them to fit brand new worlds. Although darkness lurks within the pages of our Sci-Fi Fairytale Fusions, each one boasts a Happily Ever After for our hero and his mate. These steamy romances feature the ABO dynamic, thrilling action, and intense situations.

Are you ready to find your next alien addiction?

August 31
Leann Ryans and V.T. Bonds
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

AllieAngi ,

SFR Omegaverse retelling of Little Red Riding Hood

This was a great collaboration between two authors that I've read in the past. They gave us an interesting retelling of The Little Red Riding Hood, giving a more prominent role to the 'nana' (grandmother) than I remember. The big bad wolf in Rescuing Red was actually a phenomenal Alpha- he had all the protectiveness and obsessiveness that comes with the Alpha package sans the alphaholeness that most Alphas display. I loved Blaide because he comes across as a protector that is willing to hold back on his banal instincts in order to avoid further trauma to an already frazzled Omega. As wonderful as Blaide was, Liz the Omega was not exactly my cup of tea. There was something about her- she was so obsessed with getting to her nana and I just couldn't understand why. Despite her lackluster appeal, Blaide made up for it as well as the interesting plot of the book. This was a rather sweet retelling very low on the spicy meter and creative approach to tails :)

RisingPhoenix2022 ,

Love Love Love!!

I absolutely loved this book. It has everything you want in a book: danger, violence, have you sitting on the edge of your seat and live!!! This is a MUST read. Can’t wait for book 2!

Mochabreeze ,

Rescuing Red Fairytale Retelling

Rescuing Red Fairytale Retelling
Reviewed in the United States on September 4, 2021
Bond and Ryan’s Rescuing Red is everything I hoped it would be and more. I love a good steamy paranormal romance filled with a great story and characters. This book is a new spin on the classic Little Red Riding Hood story. These two authors’ spin on this fairytale classic has a sophisticated writing to satisfy the adult reader. I like this retelling better than the original. Rescuing Red is a page turner to the core with great elements in each chapter. The world building is fantastic with wonderful characters. The best part of this story is the development of the lead characters. Liz and Blaide’s relationship building makes the love that develops between them more realistic and totally understandable. Those who are thirsty for a more sensual story of Red will be very pleased with the intimacy and romance abound between the main characters. You got to read Rescuing Red to find out the yummies. I’m looking forward to jumping into the next books of this series. Overall, a great book that whisked me away to another more enchanting world.

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