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This eBook is written for students who are embarking on a course of study that will lead to them gaining a higher degree, Masters or Doctorate, by research. Although universities always have clear instructions about all aspects of ways of communicating research results it is not always in a convenient form, so an eBook, was suggested, that can be downloaded onto a smart phone for ready access. This should always be compared with the students' own university requirements. It has been written especially with students of scientific or engineering subjects in mind, but humanities students should also find it useful. During their period of research, whether theoretical 'blue-skies' or applied, it is usual to write up some of the results in the form of an interim report or a research paper for publication. Such reports will be required as part of a higher degree course, for example as an account of a laboratory experiment that has been undertaken. Sometimes the report will be assessed and sometimes it may be used to communicate to an outside funding body such as government or the industry supporting the research. Students may also present their results at an academic conference orally or in the form of a poster paper presentation. At the conclusion of their research the higher degree candidates will be faced with writing a thesis and will be orally examined on this in a viva. This short book has advice on each of these topics.
Emeritus Professor Dennis Hawkes has long experience as a leader of a research group, academic conference speaker, MSc and PhD supervisor, an academic journal editor and higher degree examiner both in the UK and abroad. Although now retired he still has regular contact with students engaged in study for a higher degree and as a result or conversation with them this eBook has been produced.

March 11
Dennis Hawkes
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