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President of an organization fighting for the right of shifters and humans to marry each other, Claire Davis needs the support of a local shifter clan or her cause is doomed. Even though she's human, she finds a way to reach out to the Clan DarkStalker cougar-shifters. Once she arrives on their land, she learns what it will take to garner their support and her life will never be the same.

As head sentry of Clan DarkStalker, Aidan Scott has more important things to do than fetch a human from a secret location. Only because he's loyal to his clan leader does he agree. Yet before long, the human female tempts him in a way he hasn't felt since his mate died five years ago. 

In order to make the world a better place for humans and shifters, the pair must work together and avoid being arrested. What neither expected was to find their own happily ever after in each other.

March 31
Mythical Lake Press
Mythical Lake Press, LLC

Customer Reviews

Sandigger1 ,

Resisting the Cougar

This is the second book in the Cascade Shifters and can be read as a standalone book. It's the story of Claire a human woman who is fighting for the rights of shifters and humans to marry legally. At the time this story takes place it is illegal. Claire's aunt has a shifter mate and has had to go into hiding in order to evade arrest. Nobody knows this is what prompted Claire to begin her fight. As the story begins Claire is on her way to meet with the leader of the cougar shifters clan, Kian. She has been given a roundabout way to get to the meeting place so she is not followed by the Human Purists group. She winds up getting lost due to a fog setting in and finally pulls off the road and sits and blows her horn figuring that the shifter (Aiden) who is to meet her will hear the horn and find her, which he does. However he is angry that she is making so much noise that could attract unwanted attention. She has to leave her car to follow him (he shifts so he can speak to her, therefore is naked) to his car. Then she is blindfolded and taken to the clan grounds.
The meeting is successful and Kian agrees to help her if she will spend a month on their land living among them. She agrees and Aiden is told he will be her bodyguard while she is there. He isn't happy about it because he is attracted to her and doesn't want to be. The tension between Aiden and Claire continues to grow until they finally give in and have sex. Aiden's cougar lets him know that Claire is their mate even though Aiden lost his mate to a poacher. He is being given a second chance at having another mate, as well as a mother for his 7 yr old daughter. But then the Purist group releases a photo of her with a naked Aiden in the woods! OMG! Talk about having your cover blown! This is a serious problem for Claire's credibility. The only way she can think of to turn this around is to turn it into a love story, but will it work? This story keeps you guessing with all the situations that come into play. Ms Donovan does an excellent job of keeping you intrigued. I couldn't put it down. Can't wait for the next book which is Dani and the bear! Woo hoo, that should be quite the story.

SteppyD ,

Love it!

Love it! Aidan is my favorite cougar shifter by far and I thought that his daughter Chloe was adorably funny. I really liked how the female lead, Claire, was a dominate female and didn't let Aidan get all macho on her and let it fly. These Cascade shifter books keep getting better as the series continues and I can't wait for Dani and Nate's book which is the next one in the set!

Acworth Von ,


I recieve this ARC to read and review. I call her lady who writes with GOLDEN PEN that's Jessie Donovan is a very talented, every book I have read is MARVELOUS they will make you laugh because they are Hot steamy, sexy, loving and hilariously funny. After reading page one you are hooked from the first paragraph to the last. If you haven't read her books you are totally missing out on something that is a AWESOME READ.

I have written on every review that I am a Jessie Donovan Fan for my life. It is easy to fall in love with her beautiful and ethereal style of writing and I cannot wait for more. She writes with such a fantastic attention to detail, all of her characters are FABULOUS and the pace flows well and her settings in each of her stories are always vibrant.

OMG this is another masterpiece. I really enjoyed reading this book. Claire is head of ( SEA ) Shifter Equality Alliance and she has been invited to visit the DarkStalker's land. Claire gets lost on the way and her guide is Aidan the Shilfter who hates humans. They had to interact with each other which made it hilariously funny of course there's lots of sexual tension. Aidan is reluctant to open up to Claire because his mate had been killed by human poachers. But Aidan is drawn to Claire even though he doesn't want to be. Chloe was such a cutie and she was so funny. But I must say this is a Awesome Read. I can't hardly wait to read the next book in this series. But for me Iam waiting to see if there will be a Dani and Nate story.
I absolutely adored this story I laugh and laughed hard. This Book is HOT STEAMY it Burns the pages!!!


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