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After being hired as the temporary director of Marietta Medical ER, Dr. Lucy Davidson meticulously plots the course she wants the quickly growing facility to take. She’s laser-focused, determined to prove herself worthy to become the permanent director. No distraction will sway her…not even the brilliant and disturbingly handsome new Emergency Room physician, Thomas McAvoy.

Fulfilling a promise, Thomas has come to Marietta to help the woman who saved his life then leave as soon as possible. Still sustaining injuries from the near fatal attack, he realizes how much he appreciates the slower pace of his temporary assignment at a rural hospital. It's a soothing balm after years in an hectic urban ER. 

The charm of Marietta and the friendliness of his colleagues lure Thomas into thinking he might like to make his temporary position permanent, especially since he and Lucy have become closer. As their relationship begins to heat up, Thomas realizes Lucy is everything he dreamed of in a life partner, but will old wounds derail their happily ever after?

March 29
Tule Publishing
Tule Publishing Inc.

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777sails ,

Resisting the Doctor

I read the second story of this series first and was so entranced that I decided that I needed to read the first one as well. I enjoyed the characters and the plot very well. There were some editing issues though. It wasn't enough to detract from the story though.

Lucy and Thomas are two very intelligent and caring doctors. Lucy left Jupiter, FL for Marietta, MT to become Director of ER in the smaller hospital. She is the youngest of four. All of her siblings are doctors and she felt lost in their shadows. She needed to break out and make something on her own. Thomas was a doctor that traveled around and filled in where needed. He came to Marietta to help his childhood friend Jade make repairs on her house that she inherited. She had saved his life several years ago and he felt the need to return the favor.

This story is the coming together of these two wonderful people and the hardships of building a relationship and overcoming the past issues. I was enthralled with the story the entire time that I was reading.

There are some sexual scenes but are not highly detailed. It is not erotica as there is a wonderful story here and the few scenes are just showing the development of the relationship between two mature adults.

I highly recommend this story.

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