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After thinking for many years how I could make a difference, I am elated to finish my first project and begin working to assist emancipated foster youth acquire a more suitable standard of living. Over the years I developed a passion for helping the less fortunate, the underserved, the weary and exhausted.

At one time, I was the less fortunate, part of the underserved, and I felt weary and exhausted after some of the choices I made; until I met someone who encouraged me to do something different with my life.

My friend encouraged me to dream! He provided me with the strength and courage to stand for what is right and "do" something about the injustice I witnessed. His advice, love, hugs, and shoulder to cry on always kept me feeling secure and confident.

My decision to write this book was sparked by the young people which crossed my path and allowed me to take a tiny peak into their lives. In addition to the people who have the passion and desire to make a difference in the lives of our troubled youth. All of us can do something to encourage or inspire someone, whether we become foster parents, volunteer in our community, mentor a youth, spend time with the elderly or spend time in the classroom. Each act of kindness will propel our future in the right direction.

By you making the decision to purchase this book, you have made a conscience decision to improve the outcomes for current and former foster youth. You are extraordinary and exceptional and I want to personally thank you for taking action to help today's abused, neglected and abandoned children. Your efforts do not go unrecognized. We appreciate every act of kindness, every encouraging word, every listening ear, and every understanding heart.

As you read through this book and obtain the necessary information to assist you in caring for traumatized children, we appreciate your thoughts, comments, and concerns.

and send us your thoughts, comments, and or questions. It is important that we keep the line of communication open and you provide us with feedback that can assist in furthering our mission, as well as, you feeling comfortable delivering services to our most valuable resources.

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April 17
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