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Lord Dixon is known among the wilder members of the ton for two things, his very exclusive brothels specializing in the most exotic of pleasures and his habit of keeping a concubine, a well-paid, full-time prostitute, at his country home for a year at a time. But romance can still be found in his shadow.

Matthew Greensleigh has been trying for years to have a role in the family business, but all of the opportunities are handed to his older brother. So when his father summons him to one of Lord Dixon’s notorious brothels in London to “do his duty,” Matthew goes, prepared to do anything to prove to his father that he is as valuable as his brother. But he was not expecting to learn Lord Dixon had taken a liking to him and wanted him as his concubine, a private prostitute kept at his country estate for a year at a time, or that his father expected him to agree to it.

Sir Robert Farnsdale does not have time to deal with innocent young fools. It’s why he limits his pleasures to finest London brothels, and why he has cultivated a friendship with Lord Dixon for years as a convenient cover for his own desires. But when an obviously worried young man nearly knocks him over at one of Dixon’s brothels, he finds himself wanting to help. And when Matthew Greensleigh asks him to show him what to expect as Lord Dixon’s concubine, Sir Robert finds himself agreeing to an afternoon together against his better judgment and then to bringing him to meet Dixon for the journey to the country estate.

Matthew knows Sir Robert is being kind, and that, no matter how much Matthew admires him, he could never think of Matthew as more than some lad he once helped out. Robert does not have time for relationships with young innocents, so why can’t he get the image of Matthew Greensleigh enjoying a bit of pain with his pleasure out of his mind?

A steamy gay - M/M romance novel set in the Regency period with some BDSM elements. 55,000 words/ approx. 225 pages

Fiction & Literature
July 20
Adella J Harris
Smashwords, Inc.

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