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The last thing Antara remembers about yesterday was her piece of crap car breaking down in the middle of the road, and a too-sexy-for-his-own-good stranger offering his assistance. Neither explains why she woke up naked in his bed, nor why she feels sicker than she's ever been in her life.
Caught in the grips of a terrible fever, nothing's making much sense to Antara. There are only two things she's fairly certain about. One—the unearthly hot stranger's name is Eros and he's definitely not a human. And two—she's pretty sure she was drugged and is currently his hostage.
This steamy, fast-paced paranormal romance by Sharonlee Holder is perfect for fans of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R. Ward and Sacrificed to the Dragon by Jessie Donovan.

August 22
CTP Publishing
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Angelajosephine ,

Loving the theme!

Loving the theme! SO good!

BrooklynnRose ,

Confused and not in a good way

**you need to have at least some background in Greek gods to understand this book. My knowledge of such is only based on Poptropica, so I know a little more than nothing. That is *not* enough to get you to fully comprehend this book**

This was a hard read, not just because of the Greek gods and goddess that were just thrown in with very little explanation, but also because Antara’s behavior is just- just wack. It’s all over the board, and none of it makes any luck of sense. She’s one second screaming at Ross, then scared, and crying. Not to mention when it’s in her pov, and it switches frequently, sometimes I’ve to read the page or paragraph more than once because the metaphors are just weird, and sometimes what she thinks is happening isn’t actually happening if that makes sense. Which is doesn’t make sense because it’s not actually happening! The ending is just weird with Hailey and Murph. Murph is just such a weird character, like I understand that he’s suppose to be mysterious big Irish guy, but it literally doesn’t make anyyyyy sense. First he’s Murphy’s Law, (his actual name is Colin), and then he’s not, and then he’s something else, and then at the end he’s something entirely different! What is he?!?!?! He cannot be all of those things. I feel like the author just added things randomly to fit the scene. He randomly just had fangs all the sudden and then at the end he calls himself a demon???? (Not a spoiler). Like it doesn’t make sense, if he had fangs the entire time then why didn’t he use them ever???? Everybody seems so afraid of him, but he was easily paralyzed. I don’t get any of these characters and nobody seemed to get along. Everybody was always fighting and nothing makes any sense. Also for some reason it’s in South Africa which is fine because I understand that the author lives there, but it really doesn’t make sense that that many Greek gods and goddess just happen to live there. Like it’s make more sense if it was in Greek or Europe or even a more northern part of Africa.

Terri_999 ,

Too many gaps

The other review was accurate about this being confusing .
There are just way too many gaps. The entire story needs to be rewritten (and edited). I am giving it a generous 2 stars for its potential.
Whatever you do, do NOT pay for this.

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