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Damon Hutter is not your friend. He is a man you will hate. Unfortunately he is the only man who can usher in the dawning of a new age with Cthulhu and the old gods taking back their throne. He is the only one who can do what needs to be done. He’s tough, rough and violent. That makes him perfect for the job.

Caroline was chosen eons before she was born to be the new mother of the old ones. It’s a destiny that will tear her apart and crack her mind.

TRU LiGHT is a cult with intimate knowledge of the Cthulhu sect and the goal of bring back the old ones to rule Man. For them, there is only one God, the individual, and they will stop at nothing to reach Caroline and destroy the monster growing inside her.
Damon must be stopped, regardless of the cost of life. What must be done must be done. Even when that means war and blood will cover the streets.

5 Stars out of 5
Cthulhu is coming!
And it isn’t going to be fun when he gets here.

For those of you who don’t know who Cthulhu is, well he’s one of the Elder Gods created by H.P. Lovecraft.
But, was Cthulhu really created by Lovecraft or was that writer merely passing along hidden and forbidden knowledge inside his terrifying stories featuring unsettling entities that pre-date the human race?

By the end of Resurrection Child you will be wondering if H.P.’s fiction was fiction at all and hoping like hell that the Gods who pre-date mankind never see the light of day again.

Lee Pletzer’s novel is about the basic struggle of good versus evil. Sometimes it’s hard to tell which is which. Sometimes the Good Guys do some seriously Bad Things (all for what they figure is for the greater good) and the Bad Guys perform some incredibly heroic acts (for seemingly unselfish reasons.)

It does boggle the mind.

At its core Resurrection Child is a great, full-throttle, two-fisted, guns-a-blazing, action adventure tale. It’s kind of like a Die Hard/Dirty Harry with Elder Gods gonna trash the entire Earth mish-mash that is totally engrossing.

The action is fast and furious.
The body count is enormous.
The sex is perverted and hot.

All in all Resurrection Child is one fantastic wild ride.

I would highly recommend you buy a copy of Resurrection Child.
It is strange, unique and entertaining.

It is a one of a kind novel and unless Lee Pletzers writes another book like Resurrection Child I figure it’s going to stay that way.
-- B. L. Morgan (author of the John Dark series).

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May 12
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