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Updated for RetroPie 3.6! 

Turn your Raspberry Pi into an incredible retro gaming machine running all your favorite games on over 30 historic game consoles. Step by step instructions guide you from start to finish with easy to follow screenshots. Play first (Atari 2600) through fifth (Sony Playstation and Nintendo 64) generation games on any TV using just about any game controller. Join a whole community that has developed around RetroPie, a polished, multi-console, retro gaming experience of the first magnitude. 

Covers Raspberry Pi 1, 2, Zero, and 3. 

Also included for each console is a brief history and the must play games on the system. 

Ever wanted to play all the way through retro classics like Super Mario 3 or Metroid but don't quite have the video gaming chops? Learn how to use Saved States to increase your gaming pleasure and ability. 

Not sure what to buy to make your Raspberry Pi RetroPie experience awesome? Retro Gaming on the Raspberry Pi will tell you what to buy

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August 30
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith

Customer Reviews

Andrewgfi ,

Skip it if you are a beginner

I am new to the Raspberry and to working on computers. I know how to use Word and Excel and the like and thought it would be fun to learn about Rasberry Pi and run some games on RetroPie. When I got the RetroPie configuration screen in front of me I realized I was going to need some help so I bought this book. This book assumes you have more than a basic knowledge of computers. So if you are like me and the phrase “make sure the USB device is formatted for FAT32” doesn’t really mean anything to you then skip this book.

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