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Nima, formerly a tavern dancer in the land of the Nile, has settled into the leisurely life of her dreams as the pampered, beloved wife to a high ranking general who’s also a member of Pharaoh’s court. She’s sworn never to dance for anyone else but Kamin, the man she loves. All is fine until one day news arrives that her husband has been killed in a chariot accident while on a trip to a remote city on Pharaoh’s behalf. 

But as a reward for their previous service to Egypt against a dangerous enemy, the gods had promised Nima and Kamin they’d die at the same moment…so if she still lives, so must he.

Why is the ruler of the city lying to Pharaoh about Kamin’s death? What is the woman covering up? And where is Kamin?

Time for Nima the elegant lady to vanish from Thebes and Nima the skilled dancer to make her way in disguise to the far distant province and fight for Kamin’s life. She’ll have to deal with angry gods, black magic, an enemy prince and a deadly ghost along the way.

Nima is the only one who can rescue her beloved from the dark fate planned for him by Egypt’s enemies…

NOTE: Most of the books are standalone stories revolving around the court of my fictional Pharaoh. Return of the Dancer of the Nile can be read without massive spoilers for Dancer of the Nile, however, here’s the suggested reading order for the Gods of Egypt series, based on the general flow over time in my Pharaoh’s reign::

Priestess of the Nile

Warrior of the Nile

Dancer of the Nile

Magic of the Nile (which is the direct sequel to Priestess)

Ghost of the Nile

Healer of the Nile

Lady of the Nile

Song of the Nile (which is the direct sequel to Lady)

Return of the Dancer of the Nile (direct sequel to Dancer)

September 18
Jean D Walker
Jean D Walker

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