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"I lost it. I lost the baby, Zeke," Brooke croaked. 

"No. No. No," was all Zeke could say as he cradled Brooke's head against his shoulder. They'd been through so much and it finally seemed that everything was coming together. 

Their wedding was less than three months away. Both of their careers were booming. And they were expecting their first child together. 

Brooke's pregnancy had been a surprise – a welcome one. Nothing could touch them. They were the golden couple again. Brooke and Zeke … as perfect in the circle of their love as it appeared from the outside. 
. . . 

"Were you really ready for fatherhood Zeke?" Brooke asked. 

"How could you ask me that?" he said. "I wanted our baby more than anything." 

"It's just that you've seemed so … I don't know, carefree since …. since it happened," she finished. Brooke couldn't bring herself to say the word 'miscarriage.' She just couldn't. 

"Don't do this Brooke. … Don't tear us apart. I couldn't stand to lose you again," Zeke said. 

But would he feel the same way if she couldn’t give him the one thing he wanted … a child. After two miscarriages, Brooke was afraid that she may never be able to give him his own child. And after he'd lost his first son to another man, Brooke knew adoption wasn't high on Zeke's list of options for fatherhood. 

Would she alone be enough for him? Could he be happy in a childless marriage, or would it rip them apart – if not now, then later? 

"I can't live in constant fear of losing him," she whispered to herself. "I just can't." 
. . . 

Zeke couldn’t believe all that they'd been through. They'd survived the loss of their child, his loss of a son, an ex-wife's betrayal, the pain caused by secrecy, soul-bearing therapy and two breakups in the almost 10 years that they'd known each other. 

Through it all, their love had triumphed ... until this. THIS could rip them apart -- once and for all.

April 30
Inkwell Editorial Publishing
Draft2Digital, LLC

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