Revealing: The Evolution of an Artist's Soul

A True Adventure Story of a Quest for Enlightenment

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Publisher Description

Irene Vincent's novel, Revealing: The Evolution of an Artist's Soul is not only a visionary artist's memoir with 69 images; it is a fast paced adventure story about a young woman's unconventional journey toward enlightenment. It is a humorous, heart warming, tear jerking, uplifting odyssey that will take you deeper into your truer self.
Irene said, "As long as I can remember, God has been my divine protector, my all-loving, all-forgiving, and guiding force with whom I've always spoken. On a seemingly ordinary day, a near death experience caused my life events to pass before my eyes. I was only nine years old when the flashing scenes beckoned me to reflect upon my life and to make new choices. This near death experience forever changed my concept of time and intrigued me with the mysteries of the human brain. Ultimately, it put me on a spiritual quest, seeking ever-grander mysteries.
My journey has taken me on many paths. I have explored life from the ghettos, from relationships, from the entrepreneurial business world, and from the perspective of an artist. I have traveled and experienced many cultures, along with exploring the esoteric arts. I didn't understand it at the time, but all of these paths were leading me to a spiritual understanding of life, transforming my soul.
At age 19, I had an identity crisis. During one long night, I analyzed my life's events, dating back to when I was three. I questioned, Who am I? What do I want to do? From this, I rediscovered that I had always wanted to be an artist. That very next day I started painting.
At age 27, another near death experience caused me to review my life's choices. I hope this story helps you to remember the ways the divine has intervened in and influenced your life.
I also hope to inspire people to realize the power of art: its power to convey emotions, to take us deep into our souls, to make the world around us more colorful, to enhance our aliveness, and to awaken the ancient and sacred wisdoms within us."

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March 29
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