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Many can attest that the Book of Revelation is an area of the Bible they may not readily venture into, if at all, during their quiet time with God.

However, becoming familiar and knowledgeable of the visions and truths uncovered in Revelation will help Christians, and even non-Christians, make sense of current events occuring in the world today.

Author Ronald Braden wants to help readers in the daunting task of interpreting the Book of Revelation through his own biblical study The Book of Revelation, which offers line-by-line analysis of the last book of the Bible.

The course of the book goes chronologically through Revelation, navigating the three parts that encompass John’s vision in Revelation, past, present and future, using the Prophetic/Futurist school of thought.

As readers journey more through the book, Ronald introduces topics like symbolism of Revelation, the saving of the Body of Christ and what John writes in his letters to the seven churches in Asia.

Definitions are also given for Jesus’s words to John about the Great Tribulation, the emergence of the Anti-Christ and revealed details of God’s Kingdom on heaven and earth, and the New Jerusalem.

Fully explaining these areas of Revelation where readers could become confused with the imagery and grandiose metaphors, Ronald hopes that readers will see the Book of Revelation as a blessing from God instead of a scary ending of life on earth.

The Book of Revelation presents an ample interpretation that will not only define unclear aspects of the Bible’s last book to readers, but also educate them in a way that could revolutionize how they see their lives heading into the end-times.

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July 23
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