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Zeinab el Ghatit is the author of a Serie which includes four inspirational books of poetry about her spiritual experience on the Sufi Path of love and Peace. The books are namely: Feelings, Reflections, Revelations and Contemplations, published in Canada in 1996 and 2005. In this Serie the author traces her rise from being broken both physically and Psychologically to becoming an actualized seeker and enabler who inspires many.

In 1994, she broke her hips, became wheelchair bound and suffered the onslaught of the disabling effects of the Post-Polio Syndrome. She had had Polio at the age of one year old which left her totally paralyzed. It took her years and years of resilience and fortitude to survive the paralysis of Polio and its harsh treatments. In addition, the abuse, bullying and intolerance of others she continues to conquer. In the end, she survived all her challenges. She walked again and lead a very full and successful life. She studied her post-graduate studies in Clinical Psychology in the USA. She had excellent career in Egypt and in Canada.

She has inspired many individuals during her forty years of practice and teaching. Her spirituality combined with her skills in Psychology give her the unique position of offering inspiration and transformation through her books.

Her fourth book, Revelations, represents another phase in the author’s spiritual journey on the life-long Sufi Path of Love, Knowledge and Peace in seeking the Beloved’s Grace with its high and low points. Another spiritual Journey on another day!

This spiritual journey requires one to become selfless, patient, humble and to have unconditional love for all of God’s creations.

This is not a simple spiritual journey and the author does not claim to have begun to complete it, but just seeing the Light gave her life new meaning and greater purpose; to serve God by serving others.

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June 11
Zeinab el Ghatit
Zeinab el Ghatit

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