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I’m Armani Virtue and I have it all–money, women, power. I have total control over everything except for my thief of a son. So when his sweet little ex-wife comes to me seeking revenge on him, there is no way I can resist helping her. Especially since it means beautiful Quinn Rivers will be mine.   

I’m Quinn “Moon” Rivers and I have a plan. 

How to get revenge on your lying ex:

Step One: Catfish him with a fake profile, then stand him up.

Step Two: Date his father.

Step Three: Break ex’s black heart like he shattered yours.

There isn’t supposed to be a step four, and definitely not one that results in murder…

How far would I go to get revenge on the man I used to love? 

Deep into the world of con artists, kink, and a cabin in the woods where the truth is never what it seems. 

And what if in the end, my revenge with his enigmatic father turns into a wild and passionate love?

Every marriage has its secrets…

Bestselling author of the CRASH series Drew Jordan brings you a new erotic thriller with crazy twists and turns exploring the concept of trust in a marriage and how far you would go for the one you love…

***This book has a cliffhanger ending***


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Author’s Note: This is a non-traditional dark romance. It has a cliffhanger ending. 

September 25
Lakeside Press
Erin McCarthy

Customer Reviews

starstacy ,

Enjoyed this dark, twisty, sexy book!

As the description says, the female lead Quinn takes revenge on her lying ex husband Nash by pretending to be with his father, Armani, who he hates, & she quickly gets in over head. This is a dark, twisty & sexy read with a cliffhanger ending that made me gasp! I liked that Quinn was finally figuring out who she is & what she wants. Armani is intriguing, & so is the relationship between Quinn & Armani (there is a little Dom/sub interaction that was sexy). If you like dark, twisty & sexy like I do, then you will enjoy this book like I did!

NajahIman ,

Loved this book, can’t wait for the next

This is a book about Quinn, who’s set on getting revenge on her husband for all of his lies throughout their marriage. She pretends to sleep with his father, and things in her life spiral out of hand from there. There are some fetish, Dom and Sub moments in this book, which are my favorite. I can’t wait for the second book, because I’m so anxious to see if she gets the revenge she wants and the relationship she craves.

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