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Molly was a bitch among bitches, the kind of self-centered person who used people as tools for her machinations, or as obstacles to be removed. Wallace was one of her first real victims, and he never forgot about it. In fact, he was driven by a burning need to get revenge for what she did to him. She had wronged him in high school, but it took him many years to build a fortune so he could finance the elaborate plan he devised to make her pay for it. We will join these two on the day Wallace puts his plan into action.

You will witness how he systematically devastates her world, taking everything she had or believed in away from her. He starts by taking the one thing she cares about most, sending Molly on a humiliating journey to get it back. But during her desperate pursuit she finds that her hope for success fades once she steps into the real trap he laid for her. No matter how hard she tries to escape from it, the tighter it closes in around her.

Follow Molly as Wallace leads her away from her comfortable and entitled life, driving her toward a new one where she has to face her past and learn that there is a price she must pay for it. Along the way Molly discovers something hidden beneath the crass, arrogant bitch she thought she was, and the truth shocks her. Shortly after he gets her started she finds that she is reacting in ways that she did not expect, saying and doing things she could never have imagined possible. Molly embarks on a long and arduous journey that reveals what she believed about herself had been a lie. When she faces the truth and finally recognizes it, Molly finds a new path to follow. The man she once humiliated will show her the way to attain a form of redemption. Though this path is fraught with pain and suffering, Molly eventually learns to submit to his will and it changes her in ways she can hardly believe.

Join Molly for her odyssey of self-discovery, as the evil side of her is purged and her hidden submissiveness is revealed, and then amplified. Though Molly is destined to lose everything she once thought was important, she finds something much stronger to hold onto in the process. She undergoes a complete physical and emotional transformation as she strives to come to terms with her new existence. She struggles and resists it at first, but all of it slowly builds to a crescendo in her overwrought mind. Will it ultimately destroy her? Or will she rise from the ashes of her old life and find redemption in the hands of the man she realizes is meant to be her true Master?

Fiction & Literature
March 26
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