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Build your own log cabin. This book tells you what you need to know, and how to do it. Robert Chambers shows you how to notch naturally-shaped logs so tightly that they look like they grew together. 

Clearly written, with hundreds of photos and drawings. If other log cabin books have left you scratching your head or wondering, this book shows you how, and explains why.

Packed with information found no where else, including: Chambers brilliantly simple method of knowing which logs to use next as you build; where to buy trees; how to debark and peel logs; scribe-fitting tricks and secrets; allowing for settling; sill-log layouts for any log home design; how to use underscribing to keep corner notches tight; and how to build log trusses and roof beams. 

Includes loads of practical advice about how to cut notches and grooves; and brand-name advice about tools.

Although handcrafted log homes can be expensive to buy, they are in within your reach as a DIY project. Hundreds of Chambers’ students have built their own log cabins.

This is a comprehensive how-to book for DIY owner-builders.

This book is not about: machine-milled, manufactured, D-log, or off-the-shelf log kits. This book is about the real McCoy: handcrafted, scribe-fit log cabins and homes.

Robert Chambers has been teaching log construction for more than 30 years, has owned commercial log building companies, and has built hundreds of log home shells around the world since 1983. Many of the top log builders have attended his hands-on courses. He has that knack for making things easy and understandable.

His books and video series are best sellers.

Chambers has distilled a lifetime of building and teaching into one masterful volume.” John Boys, Nicola Logworks, Canada.

Fantastic! In one book Chambers casts light into some of the darkest corners of log building. Buy it. Read it.” Log Building News (ILBA)

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Robert W. Chambers
Robert W Chambers

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