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Updated in 2020. Revival Fire, 150 Years of Revivals features twelve of the most potent heaven-sent revivals that the world has seen in the past one hundred and fifty years. Including: the Prayer Meeting Revival of 1857 that reverberated around the world, the Azusa Street Revival that ushered in the modern Pentecostal movement, the Pyongyang Great Revival where the Korean church, less than a generation old, swept the country, the Gold Coast Revival on the west coast of Africa, and the Shillong Revival in India, of the twenty-first century.   

Discover how Christians prayed, the Scriptures that they pleaded, the challenges faced and how they saw the blessing of God in their towns and cities as the Holy Spirit came down and convicted saints, converted sinners and transformed lives unto the praise and glory of God!

The author makes many references to other lesser known revivals and brings facts to life through the use of detailed descriptions, statistics, interviews and eye-witness accounts; coupled with his broad and extensive knowledge of revival church history makes this book informative, and a truly inspirational read. Learn from the past, be challenged for the present and be inspired for the future! 

Mathew Backholer is the co-founder of ByFaith Media (www.ByFaith.org) and films and co-presents ByFaith TV, which airs on numerous Christian networks around the world. As a revival historian he collates, documents and records revivals from around the world. Mathew is the author of many books, including: Revival Fires and Awakenings, Understanding Revival, Global Revival, Revival Answers, Extreme Faith: On Fire Christianity and Rees Howells' God Challenges the Dictators.

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November 24
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