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Rhyker's Key

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Rhyker, tattooed bad boy and lethal jaguar shifter, falls for the sweet and caring healer, Keena. Except, she's determined to keep him in the friend zone... good thing he's a predator that enjoys the hunt.

Together, can they heal their past and forge a future bonded with true love?


Orion's Order returns in another addictive installment about their secret world of magic and mystery. A world where the most powerful words in the Universe are discovered in the fight against an ancient evil force.


I am haunted by my past mistakes. Mistakes that I have no idea how I even made. I am an educated mind and spirit healer after all. So how in the holy healer hell did I end up in a relationship where the male who I thought I loved…

Yeah, it's probably best not to rehash those nightmares. But if I don't dare open up that box to my past, then how am I ever going to be able to move on? Especially because I so want to move on with a certain sexy male. A male whose lips devoured mine in a darkened corner that one time. A male whose predatory piercing blue eyes practically track my every move. A male who I shouldn't be fantasizing about every second of every day. Why? Because it would ruin me.


I've had my eye on a certain female for almost a year now. A female who is damn determined to keep me in the friend zone. A female who's been hurt by her ex but refuses to open up to me about it. So, you could say I go through a lot of smokes… a f*cking lot.

Meanwhile, my pack of lethally trained and skilled hunters and I are gunning for an evil SOB who not only signed his death warrant the second he tried to come after my pack sister and mate to our alpha, but also the f*cker poses a threat to our world as we know it. Yet, said ancient powerful bastard has gone off the grid and is all but impossible to track.

Oh, and did I mention that the past seems to be mixing with the present? I mean, the f*ck is this? The revenge year of the shitty exes? 

So, excuse me while I light up a smoke… or two. 

Devour this addictive series at your own risk...

+ Happily Ever After

+ Sexy Paranormal Jaguar Shifter Romance

+ Multiple POV

+ Mature Content

+ This series is meant to be read in order for the best reading experience


RHYKER'S KEY is an adult paranormal jaguar shifter romance. If you like swoon-worthy males, heroines with feminine strength, an engaging plot, satisfying relationships, steamy love stories, happy ever afters, and getting sucked into a supernatural story, then you'll want to immerse yourself in the world of species!


"Wow - one of my fav reads of all time!... Shifter-romance at its finest, hot, steamy, sexy - everything and more your romantasy heart desires!"

"OMG it didn't disappoint in the slightest… this is definitely my favourite book I've read this year! It had absolutely everything I look for in a great paranormal romance. I was happy, then hot and flustered, then screaming with emotion."

"I could not put this down. I have too much to say about this book but will give this small warning. Be prepared to lose time once you start this book cause you not want to stop reading!!"

"Wow! This book was like 3 books rolled into one!"

"For 2 days I was pretty much a book zombie. And I have no regrets."

December 21
MC Solaris
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

heavree ,

Completely obsessed

MC Solaris has done it again. Rhyker’s Key, the second book in the Orion’s order series, is packed with action, romance and friendship plus some unpredictable twists and turns. I’m completely obsessed with this pack which includes an alpha wolf, Jaguar shifters, a vampire and more. The twins are still my favorite characters which is perfect since this book is about one of the Jaguar shifter twins, Rhyker, and the spiritual healer, Keena, and their journey through life and love. I’m only going to nit pick a little because the writing style still isn’t my favorite due to the amount of exposition but that’s just me. I still recommend reading this series because the characters are completely worth it for some sweet and steamy shifter romance.

Sad stars ,

Steamy Romance Meets Intriguing Plot

* I received an arc of this book in exchange for an honest review
*This Book is the second in a series and while it could easily be read on its own the reading experience is much better if read after the first book.
*This is an adult romance and not recommended for underage readers
*Trigger warnings for abuse, sex, and general violence

What I Like
1. Our main lady in this installment is a mind healer.
-Having previously attended college seeking a psychology the idea of a magical therapist is just very appealing to me.
2. consent matters
- This is shown not only in sexy times situations but also in the use of magical abilities. This is particularly apparent early on when our main lady reflects on the difference between using her abilities as she teaches a yoga class or using them randomly when she thinks they could be useful.
- specifically she is clear that consent is more important than intent.
3. The main couple of this book has their story arc well resolved while allowing plenty of room to continue exploring the world and this fascinating friend group.
4. Diving back into the species world we are following characters that have already been a part of this magical world for their whole lives.
-I like how this lets the characters to do and understand more quickly into events

What I didn't like as much.

1. Okay so our main couple constantly refers to each other in their inner dialogue by the phrases "that female" and "this male". The frequency of this in the first 25% of the book was somewhat jarring. Using those phrases makes since for the way books in this genre are written and does feel in keeping with the character's typical speech patterns but I would have personally preferred some variance such as thinking of each other more by their names, jobs, or similar.

Random thoughts and who would I recommend this book for
I continue to think this series would be a good fit for fans of the Anita Blake vampire hunter series. Rhyker's Key is a steamy romance seamlessly blending intriguing plot and spicy connections.
I am looking forward to future books in the series.

Book_Lover_97 ,

Well Developed

Rhyker's Key is a fantastic second book in the Orion's Order series. It is definitely better enjoyed and followed after reading book one Calypso's Heart. This book follows Keena and Rhyker while developing other characters and relationships as well. This captivated my attention from the very beginning and held it throughout. The storyline is well developed and very interesting. Characters are easy to connect to and I am very excited to read more about them in future books

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