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This book is an adjunct to the two excellent existing repair manuals, Marshall/Oldfield and Da Book. It contains material that is often very specific to a particular pen or type of pen, but much of its information can also be applied generally to other pens. Learn what is here, extrapolate from it, and apply your new knowledge to the needs of the pen in your hands at any given moment.

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April 7
Richard Binder
Richard Binder -- Fountain Pens

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Linda Kennedy ,

A Must Have Reference on Fountain Pen Restoration

Richard Binder’s expertise as a fountain pen repair specialist is without question among the best in recent history, and it is clear that his talent is not limited to the pen repair bench.  With the release of this book, Mr. Binder has taken yet another step to advance the field of fountain pen repair by imparting some of the techniques and information that he has utilized during the years in which he has gently transformed everything from “junkers” to treasured family heirlooms back into “better than original” condition. Using this book, as an intended adjunct to other repair manuals available, seasoned professionals and brand new hobbyists can work through any number of pen restorations and know that they are “doing it right.”  This book not only provides step-by-step instructions, detailed photographs, and helpful tips, but it also provides the reader with lists of the exact tools and supplies needed.  What if the reader doesn’t have these items?  The book also provides information on how to make certain tools, parts and supplies or information on where they can be obtained.  
This is Volume 2 in Mr. Binder’s fountain pen book series, and I highly recommend it. It fills in some of the holes that are left by other restoration manuals. It is concise, easy to use, educational, and well written.  Whether you are new to this hobby or a long time professional, this book has something to offer.

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