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Brotherhood. Club. Family.
They live and ride by their own rules.
These are the Raven Riders...

Maverick Rylan won’t apologize for who he is—the Raven Riders Motorcycle Club Vice-President, a sought-after custom bike builder, and a man dedicated to protecting those he loves. So when he learns that the only woman who has ever held his heart is in trouble, he’ll move heaven and earth to save her.

Alexa Harmon thought she had it all—the security of a good job, a beautiful home, and a powerful, charming fiancé who offered the life she never had growing up. But when her dream quickly turns into a nightmare, Alexa realizes she’s fallen for a façade she can’t escape—until sexy, dangerous Maverick offers her a way out.

Forced together to keep Alexa safe, their powerful attraction reignites and Maverick determines to do whatever it takes to earn a second chance—one Alexa is tempted to give. But her ex-fiancé isn’t going to let her go without a fight, one that will threaten everything they both hold dear.

Ride Rough also contains the bonus Hard Ink e-original novella, Hard Ever After!

April 25

Customer Reviews

Goofy Lou ,

Ride Wild

Loved it!! These characters are so wonderful you just want to be apart of there family.

Abilicious4 ,

Captivating MC book with a seriously swoony hero! Don't miss this book!

I was anxiously awaiting this book and oh my heavens, I love me some Maverick! I really enjoy getting lost in Laura Kaye's motorcycle club world. The Raven Riders are good for the community and look out for others. However, I wouldn't want to cross them because they will exact revenge. Maverick has grown up in this world and is a teddy bear underneath the muscles and motorcycle! He protects those he cares about is a good man. Years ago, he and Alexa weren't ready for each other and their relationship ended. But he has never forgotten her.
Alexa knows the Raven Riders (and Maverick) are a safe haven and she had to lean on them once before. Now, Maverick keeps an eye on her because he knows things can't be good if she has needed their solace they provide. And thankfully he was there when she needed him. She has had a rough life and yet, it's made her strong and into the woman she has become today. She realizes she can lean on Maverick and he helps her see the scum her ex is. I really enjoyed watching them get to know each other all over again. Sure, they have a past and knew each other for years, but they have to learn who they are now. Their story is heartbreaking at times, but sweet and fun and I did not want to put this book down! I was completely entranced by them and Maverick is my new book boyfriend! *fans self* Reader, just you wait! He will melt your heart, especially with Lucy. Don't miss this fantastic read from Laura Kaye!

AHopelessRomantic'sBooklandia ,

I can't tell you how much I loved Ride Rough or how much I'm looking forward to the next book!

I loved Ride Hard so much that I couldn't wait to read Ride Rough! I didn't care what the synopsis said or who was going to be the couple - I just wanted to read it. I wasn't disappointed at all to find out that it was Maverick's story and while I was expecting for it to be great, it was even better than I thought it would be. Ride Rough was absolutely amazing and I positively loved it!

I'm not for sure, but I don't think I looked at Alexa too favorably when we first met her in Ride Hard and I dimly remembered that when I first started Ride Rough, so I didn't think I would be too crazy about her. I thought she would frustrate me and while I felt that way in the beginning, it didn't take long before Alexa changed my mind. She really opens up her mind and realizes the truth of things and and she fights to set rights to them. She truly is strong and determined and she's pretty smart. I have to admire Alexa, she came so far and grew so much - she will definitely do you proud.

I loved Alexa, but she couldn't hold a candle to Maverick! He's a rough and rough, but he's a total softie underneath that exterior. He's loyal and genuine, real and true, and so protective. Maverick would do anything for Alexa, but not just her, he would help out his Ravens or anyone who needed his help without hesitation. He is a wonderful guy and it would have been impossible not to love this sweet, thoughtful, sexy man.

Even though I had some thought to how Ride Rough was going to play out once I knew whose story it was, it wasn't what I expected. Of course, you still have the danger and action and heartache and it's by no means easy, but there is fun and lightness to it too. It's full of passion, steam, beauty, and depth. Ride Rough was marvelous and I can't tell you how much I loved it or how much I'm looking forward to the next book!

Ride Rough can be read as a standalone, it's told from Maverick and Alexa's POV, and they do get their HEA.

~ Sonja, 5 Stars

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