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Two of America’s most perceptive political reporters join forces for an unprecedented behind-the-scenes look at the race for the White House in POLITICO’s Playbook 2012, a series of four instant digital books on the 2012 presidential election. The first edition, The Right Fights Back, follows the campaign for the Republican presidential nomination.
The battle for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination promises to be one of the most hotly contested and closely fought in recent memory, as establishment Republicans, Tea Party favorites, and dark horse insurgents vie to take on President Obama in the November election. In The Right Fights Back, Mike Allen, chief White House correspondent for POLITICO, and Evan Thomas, the award-winning journalist and author of Robert F. Kennedy and The War Lovers, chronicle the dramatic events of this historic campaign as it unfolds.
With exclusive real-time reporting from the campaign trail, The Right Fights Back provides detail, color, and in-depth analysis that take readers beyond the hourly headlines and commentary. From the role of Super PACS and conservative interest groups to the clashes of personality and policy that will define the race to capture the GOP nomination, this is a history-as-it-happens account of the resurgent American right at the crossroads.

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November 30
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Customer Reviews

Swilhelm007 ,

Extremely insightful

When's the next one going to come out? Should make one of these every quarter! Great insight and multiple perspectives from everyone involved in a campaign, voters, the opposition, the establishments, and the candidates themselves. Even if you don't like politics you will enjoy this. Looking forward to the next installment.

David Jackman ,

What you WISH you read in the Newspapers

This book brings you inside the GOP candidates' campaigns in a way you only wish the daily news would. Not only do you end up feeling like the insider, but the candidates themselves return to their true human ethos in this book. This kind of reporting is the future of journalism -- Real and In-depth.


Best Inside Analysis to Date

Usually, one reads about the inner workings of campaigns long after the events themselves take place. This is truly a first in what is sure to be a new genre...getting inside the candidates heads during the election cycle rather than afterwards when it is too late. I consider myself fairly politically savy on a consumer level. This has given me what appears to be a very objective look and what the candidates think and feel as well as the people behind the scenes. What they think and how they move is as important to me as the candidates themselves.

I always know a good read when it leaves me wanting more. I truly hope this will become a series. A nice final note after some more in the series, would be a last book, written some years later to see how different things look from the perspective of an historical view.

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