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THE PERFECT MATCH (Book 1, novella) -- Julianna, an injured and unemployed ballerina, needs a job and signs on with a pro-wrestling show to play the Dynamic Dancing Delilah aka "DDD.” What happens when she's paired with the powerful Marco the Magnificent? Why fireworks, of course! Especially since she doesn't remember him from childhood.  Back then he was her nerdy tutor, but today he’s a gorgeous, muscular wrestler who has certainly earned the moniker “magnificent.” Marco doesn't want to be anywhere near the girl he crushed on for years. It's way too distracting, yet he worries about her getting hurt in the ring. When they're paired up as the show’s hottest couple, they find themselves wondering if they are, in fact, The Perfect Match.

GOT A HOLD ON YOU (Book 2) -- When conservative number cruncher Frankie McGee offers to help her uncle save his wrestling promotion, she doesn’t expect to dress as a scantily clad tigress and prance into the ring on the arm of a sexy cowboy wrestler. But bad boy Black Jack Hudson isn’t just any cowboy and pretty soon the chemistry sizzling between them threatens to unravel Frankie’s plans for a perfect life with her pre-fiancé. Will Frankie’s intellect win over her desire, or will she go down for the count, risking everything for love? 

 (Top Pick RT Magazine!)

RING AROUND MY HEART (Book 3) – Single mom Alexandra Hayes has her work cut out for her when she’s hired to reform pro-wrestling’s bad boy Loverboy Luke.  This assignment is critical to keep her struggling PR business afloat and she’ll do whatever it takes to improve the wrestling super star’s reputation.  

Loverboy Luke wants nothing to do with the new storyline to make him a hero and will use every trick in his playbook to obliterate the plan. He’s determined to maintain his bad boy image as a shield of protection.  Yet when the lovely Alexandra edges her way past his armor and touches his heart, Luke goes down fighting. (Named Best Contemporary Romance by RT Magazine!)

LOVE ON THE ROPES (Book 4) – Where do you put your service revolver when all you’re wearing are spandex briefs? That’s one of the challenges facing DEA agent Jason McBain who goes undercover as pro-wrestler Jack the Stripper. Another challenge is staying focused on the case when physical therapist, Sandy Ryan, sets his body on fire with her healing touch—and she’s his prime suspect! 

Sandy’s been burned by men and knows not to mix business with pleasure, yet there’s something about the Stripper’s vulnerable eyes that tugs at her heart. But can she forgive him when she discovers his ultimate goal is to take down the wrestling promotion she calls family? (4.5 stars, RT Magazine!)

December 20
Joy Creek Press
Patricia White

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