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Riot Act is the second in Zoe Sharp’s highly acclaimed crime thriller series featuring ex-Special Forces trainee and self-defence expert Charlotte ‘Charlie’ Fox.

Charlie is supposed to be dog-sitting, not leading the resistance, but what else can a girl do when her housing estate turns into an urban battlefield?

“Scarily good.” ~Lee Child

No good deed goes unpunished. That’s what Charlie Fox discovers when she agrees to dog-sit for a friend, only to find the woman’s housing estate being terrorised by violent gangs. Desperate and frightened, the residents have hired a freelance ‘security’ firm, whose bully-boy tactics aren’t a whole lot more appealing. With her motorbike on hand and a big dog by her side, Charlie is more than able to take care of herself, until a ghost comes calling. A ghost from some of her very bad old days.

To save the locals of the Lavender Gardens estate—not to mention her own skin—Charlie’s going to have to learn to trust somebody. And that’s going to be a tough lesson. Trust has never been her strong suit.

“A British newcomer with promise.”—Maxim Jakubowski, The Bookseller

“She makes it all seem so effortless.”—Yorkshire Post

“One of the sharpest, coolest, and most intriguing writers I know.”—Harlan Coben

“Ill-tempered, aggressive, and borderline psychotic, Fox is also compassionate, introspective, and highly principled…one of the coolest heroines in contemporary mystery fiction.”—Chicago Tribune

Reader reviews for the Charlie Fox series:

“There’s truly no one else I know of in fiction like Charlie. Male characters in action roles are a dime a dozen but a truly compelling, realistic woman, competing in a man’s world as an equal, using brain as much as skill, technique as much as power, fortitude as much as integrity is sadly, incredibly rare. Charlie Fox in all her intricate, nuanced complexity is just exactly what we need more of.”

“Charlie Fox is one of the best female protagonists out there.”

“New readers need not be concerned if they haven’t yet read previous instalments (although you will want to, and quickly, afterwards), as each book in the series can comfortably be read as a standalone.”
“LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS AUTHOR! I can honestly say I haven't read a good thriller with a female protagonist like Charlie Fox. She is that one person you want by your side when things go wrong.”

“I have followed dozens of series over the years but there's only two characters that have managed to keep me interested after the first ten or so books. Charlie Fox is one of them.”

“I recommend this series to all.”

“I've been reading detective stories for over 50 years, and Charlie Fox has become my favorite series in the genre.”

“Every time Zoë Sharp finishes a book, I lose another night's sleep. It may sound like I'm complaining, but in fact it's totally worth it.”

“I love the way [Sharp] has kept Charlie Fox growing and changing from book to book, while retaining the core of her character.”

“I see the character of Charlie Fox compared to some of the top fictional male action heroes. The reviewers and blurbs have it wrong. The men should be compared to Charlie Fox.”

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November 27
Zoe Sharp
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