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They call me 901. I am a monster, a killer, a champion. In the blood pit I am a god. I have no name, no family, and no identity. When master says fight, I fight…until I am the only one left standing. I have one goal, to fight so well that I am freed. I don’t need friends, I don’t need women. They are weaknesses. I am strong.

Until I see her. She is gorgeous and kind and off-limits to me. She was stolen as a child to be the worst type of slave and now master wants her. What he wants, he gets. With a smile, she melts my brutal heart. I have never wanted anything more.

I need to make a choice. Freedom or Love. I cannot choose wrong.

March 7
St. Martin's Publishing Group

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Mom's Cooking The Books ,


Holy crap what a book! I have read book one and two of this series and loved them, so I was excited for this one! I have the third one that I now have to go back and read! Loved Valentin! I love this author’s dark romance reads. Her style of writing is gritty, raw, and at times makes you grip your Kindle so hard you think it will crack. What a ride!

This is a tale of two slaves that have a forbidden love! A warrior champion and a concubine to their Master, who is a sadistic, twisted man. The story is like a modern-day Spartacus of the underground fighting world of the Bratva or Georgian/Russian mafia. The slaves were stolen from their homes or orphanages as children and raised in this Master’s sick world with its own caste system.

This story has triggers for abuse and sexual assault, as the slaves were gravely mistreated. The tender love story that develops throughout the chaos of their lives is amazing. They are fighting for their lives, their love for each other and their freedom. Freedom that they have never known.

The story also includes characters from the previous books and their involvement in the lives and future of 901 and 152. The ending is amazing and it is wrapped up so well, it wasn’t rushed and I felt like the story was truly complete. I am hoping that there will be a spin-off series from this, as the ending made me think it was a possibility! I can only hope!

If you love dark romance, then give this book and this series a try!

Devilwmn ,

Amazing ending, though very sa this series is ending!!

My mind is blown from this book, I have a major book hangover... This was a bite your nails, edge of your seat, kleenex box next to you book. Riot is the 4th book in the Scarred Sours series and is the final book. I wish this series wasn't coming to an end because I loved it, but what a way to go... This book tied all the loose ends up in a near little package so to speak. Riot is best read in order after the first three books. If you want updates on your favorite characters from the previous three books, don't worry you will get them!!!!

901/Ilya is the Blood Pit champion, 152/Inessa is the High Mona for the Master and is Valentin's sister. 901 won't obey, has no weaknesses and Master Arziani is determined to find one, when he catches 901 staring at 152. To break 901 he sends him 152.

The storyline flowed well and the book really put you right there in the story. I struggled to put the book down, and it was only because I had no choice and it was always in the middle of a major event. I shirked all my responsibilities because I couldn't put this book down. The characters felt real, and the heartbreak and devastation in the story was palpable. I loved the first three books, and thought it would be really hard to top them, but this one rivaled if not topped them. I loved seeing the updates on all the other couples, and the glimpse into life after. Definite 5 star read for me hands down!!!

Received ARC for a fair and honest review

BookishBabe89 ,


I really enjoyed this one!

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