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The fifth book in the New York Times new adult series that began with Real. When an angry, heartbroken girl is forced to be near her rocker ex-boyfriend, only time will tell if the fire between them will consume them both.

Pandora, the gothic friend of Brooke (Real, Mine, Remy) and Melanie (Rogue), thought that getting her heart broken by her bad boy rocker ex could only happen once. But now, he’s back in town with the biggest concert of the year. Pandora hates him so much that she gets Melanie to come with her and play a prank on him at his gig. But when they’re caught by security, and her ex himself is summoned, Pandora is not prepared for the feelings that seeing him again—beautiful and in the flesh—awaken in her. She’s also wholly unprepared for the conditions his manager sets in order for her and Melanie to be released; especially since these conditions only allow Melanie to return home, while at the same time, they put Pandora in perilously close contact with her ex again. The torturous physical closeness between them reignites the passion they once shared, and soon no matter how much she wants to hate him, it’s clear she’s still hung up on him. And worse: he knows it too.

December 9
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Uniqlove00 ,


I love the books from Katy Evans she writes very powerful sensual love stories and her work shows love!!

Karina🗯 ,


This is my first time writing a review, which shows how disappointed I was. It was one of those books that I hoped would get better as I read on but the storyline just got worse. Pandora seemed so angry from the other books that you expect her ex to have done something horrible. When in reality all he did was leave her and in the end her own overbearing cold mother was behind it all. She should have been smart enough to know there must have been a reason for his actions and bold enough to figure out what it was. Instead she acts like an immature emo brat through out the whole book. Her character is the worst character I ever read. Truly annoying af

Noriinny ,

No angst and too simple

After reading Real by this author I was excited to read anything else she wrote. I've been reading romance for most of my life and couldn't believe the emotion this author drew out of me in Real. That book really moved me. This book almost seemed like it was written by a different person. So lacking in emotion with lines like... The love he had was like the love a drummer has for his beat... WHAT THE HECK!
And some of the books details are fuzzy, did he not show up at the docks or her bedroom window? It started out as one but ended up as the other. I just didn't feel the love.
$8.99 is too much money for this book

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