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Rose Gardner Mystery Novella #6.5 in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling series. 

After her assistant DA boyfriend’s near brush with death, Rose Gardner hopes to make it through the holiday season with a minimal amount of drama. But she can’t forget the promise she made to the king of the Fenton County underworld in exchange for Mason’s life. What’s worse, she’s not the only one keeping secrets—Mason has been working on a hush-hush case in his private time, Joe is grappling with the sudden reappearance of his sister after a mysterious two-year disappearance, and Hilary continues in her single-minded quest to secure a commitment from Joe at any cost—for motives only she understands. 

Though peace and quiet is all Rose wants, it’s the last thing she’s liable to get. And the ripple of secrets in her life threatens to create an undertow that will endanger her and everyone she holds dear. 

Includes POVs from Joe, Mason, Hilary, and Skeeter.

Mysteries & Thrillers
March 17
Denise Swank

Customer Reviews

Coloradogal ,

Fills in some blank spots

This book does what said ...blank spots...but a lot if it is a hard read! Tears came tome but in the journey of Rose, Nellie Kate
, Mason, Joe and Skeeter...skipping it you must a lot of the whyof each of them. You see sides you haven't seen before.. read with a Kleenex in hand..and maybe a glass of wine!

Hlgpooh ,

Each character has a story...

Love the different POV's… WOW! I really love when we get a "bonus" novel with different POV's. In this book, the reader gets to read the POV's from Joe, Mason, Hilary, and Skeeter. I loved Skeeter's POV. Although he is "the crime boss" he is likeable as a character and he, like Rose, reveals that all is not black and white. I did feel some sympathy for Hilary in her POV, but I still don't like her. All in all, this was a great in-between novella.

bengalfan78 ,

love this novellas!

What I love about these Novella's is we finally get inside the heads of the other major players and Ripple of Secrets lives up to it's name.

We learn that everyone is keeping a secret. While all the major players may be doing this for "noble" reason, lies and secrets never end well for anyone keeping them or those being kept from the truth.

It shall be an exciting time in Fenton County will the whole truth finally comes out!

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