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Cidraso, inventor and director of Galleo’s water department, has no idea what he is about to unleash upon everyone he loves when he pulls a small silver book from a search engine of the illustrious Galleo Library.  The forbidden—and inhabited –technical manual from The Tower of Gilead will lead to an ill-fated scheme and set his son, Castel, and two friends of newly imagined races on the dangerous road to Gilead in the company of messengers, shadowed, and rather unique individuals.

One, a respectable and rising engineer, is framed for murder and driven to insanity by solitary confinement.  He strikes a Faustian deal with the shadowed who torments him then double-crosses it in a bid to escape.  He kills the one man who tries to help him and continues down the path of perdition even seeking the life of an innocent young man.

Castel is started on his way by an old adventurer and linked up with one of the fabled actium caravans charged with delivering the unique metal to The Tower of Gilead.  Carrying illegal technology back to the place it came from and seeking adoption by the exceptional, Gileadan parents of his close friend, he must conceal the information and keep it from falling into the hands of any of the unsavory personalities that follow him especially the suspecting Rogue Hunter looking after the caravan.

The Tanthris, Crea, Castel’s almost sister and partner in crime can “feel” the world about her if she would only pay attention.  She walks where angels fear to tread and is always ready to give Castel a hand up.  If only a little dragon didn’t take such an interest in her.

Sef is an Insidis who sees the world in its entirety and is wise enough to listen to the messengers of the Glorious One.  His run in with a vengeful escaped criminal results in a fancy new sword and a target on his back that stubbornly refuses to go away. 

From the breathtaking imagination of Frank S. Wacholtz, this fantastical tale of guilt and innocence; a collision of destructive technology, spiteful nature, and hungry dragons invites the reader into the world of Choaradar, where gunpowder is illegal technology, the steam engine is yesterday’s news, and armored machines shelter the souls of those too fearful or proud to face eternity.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
June 27
Frank Wacholtz
Draft2Digital, LLC

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