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Somewhere in the lower Egyptian valley entering the 25th century BC of the Egyptian Calendar the last meeting of the Elder Tinkers commenced, under the guise of three nomads seeking a night’s slumber near the outskirts of what later would become the first of the Fourth Dynasty’s golden age where the grandest of it’s creations still stand before the world today. The designs for these pyramids were by now replicated across the twelve galaxies. 

``Greetings strangers,’’ smiled a nomad of unusually strong gait whose eyes belied his true age.

``Greetings brother. It has been too long since we last shared the same air.’’

Smiling at them both, ``We were getting worried you might have forgotten our plans so long before the last kingdom perished,’’ said the Master Tinker.

``Forget? How could I forget? You determined this course of action and my sister confirmed it. I on the other hand had to see it for my own eyes.’’

Handing over an unusual object, Grifter, with his lapis lazuli starburst iris’d eyes betrayed his jovial present state. Inside those eyes were the imprints of planet after planet’s eventual destruction. What he brought back was a piece of a dark matter orb the one true enemy of the Consortium of Tinker’s created. It was a Progenitor’s orb.

Deferring to his sister, Grifter looked into her eyes to find the last familial member of his bloodline.

``Nearly all of the work I sought to see come to bear is now adrift in the cosmos. The screams of so many lives lost without understanding is stained upon my soul.’’

``Did you bring your viceroy?’’ asked the Master Tinker.

Yes. And with that the essence of a homo sapien sapien materialized from a low orbit starship standing naked under the kisses of Luna’s tears.

``You know how I feel about this,’’ stated the sole female amongst the triad. ``Your calculations have proven crucial in the future of our species survival, but now you predict without this newborn—a man out of time—the odds of our survival is one in one quintillion. How?’’

``Well not exactly, dear,’’ replied the third.

``No one human being has that much reach in the cog of existence. We should know. Grifter and I devised this very being to act as a cog to come—an unforeseen variable—as a field test.’’

``Field test?’’ she asked now with a tinge of irritation in her voice.

``The orb wasn’t all that survived,’’ replied Grifter.

``You mean to tell me he…wait. What is he?’’ she asked.

``Well, he’s not one of us if you are asking. He’s not a guardian. He’s the rounding error that people never account for; the inconsequential observer that people let live. He’s so much more than that,’’ replied the third.

``Does he talk?’’ she asked.

``Of course, but right now he’s in transition,’’ Grifter added.

``In transition? From what?’’ she asked now looking upon this naked human with a hint of curiosity not felt since she was a young woman.

``It’s to where that matters, love,’’ replied the third.

Turning to the one being that has held her gaze from early on the look of curiosity soon turned to dread.

``When should we expect this package to arrive?’’ she said sarcastically.

``We won’t expect it soon. I call him Project Continuum,’’ joked the third.

``And only Grifter pulls the strings. To know anymore would be to defeat his true purpose. To know his true purpose would devastate the odds that are to come I must add before you ask me to explain any further.’’

``So while I was on Zoab Anu you two devised this the last time we three were together?’’ she asked.

``Not exactly. Your betrothed has envisioned Project Continuum since before our solar system destabilized,’’ remarked Grifter.

``This was the project you couldn’t speak on so many light years ago?’’ she said now with a hint of anger in her voice.

``You know we formed the Consortium to proliferate life across the twelve galaxies and to account for the eventual outcome that those lives could all be destroyed by the Progenitors,’’ he stated.

``We were kids!’’ she barked.

``I think you’re exaggerating just a bit. We were over five thousand centuries old. We had recycled over 600 times before we realized how to extend our normal lifespans between recycling to an eon in time.’’

``I had just learned the secrets to dark matter physics…’’ she stated before Grifter cut her off.

``…And it was crucial in the formation of Project Continuum, believe me,’’ he added with a sense of knowing that wouldn’t land well.

``You wanna see what I’ve learned since?’’ she said coldly.

``No…I’ll shut up now and leave you two alone.’’

Turning back to her beloved the anger quickly settled down to a low simmer at first glance of the man who now looked upon her with hurt and disappointment.

His mouth was forming words before he paused to inhale deeply and then continuing to speak, ``If I could have told you none of this would have come to pass, and that would have meant we failed. None of us would exist.’’

``I get that. I realize now. Your gift of space-time still baffles me.’’

``And your gift of galactic power doesn’t?’’


He pulled her close. Slowly her tensions released and the stiffness of her frame soon relaxed to the feel he had so long missed, ``Love. This is the only way. Centuries from now we’ll look back on this with fondness. I promise.’’

``I’ll hold you to that promise, Tyrione Taireon.’’

Turning to Grifter, he nodded and the Master of Chaos with Project Continuum vanished.

``One day…this will save us all.’'

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August 6
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