Rise, Shine, Be Woke

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You may find, in your own study of equity for all, that these stories will change your perspective in unique ways.

Open this book, and be ready to acquaint yourself with new, gentle voices, as they share intimate accounts about being Black, White, and Other in middle class America. Six of the voices are women; three represent leading edge Baby Boomers; one, a Baby Buster, another, an immigrant, and finally, a young first generation American, Millennial man. Situated in various American communities they cover professional, spiritual and other facets of life. 

The book also includes short essays, written in anecdotal style, about the theology of anti-racism, new ideas about bias and categorization, the Beloved Community and the Poor People's Campaign of 2018. Resources include a book study guide with activities, an extensive glossary of 130 anti-racism terms (updated last in June 2018), and an introduction to the Anti-racism Digital Library—a valuable, frequently-updated resource that could prove invaluable to your own work and study.

The stories, all written from personal experiences include unique perspectives: Segregation and white supremacy to how community and the acknowledgement of white privilege have worked in real life, told by leading edge baby boomers. Share the pain of a baby buster as public school de-segregation played out in her life, leading to her development of self-confidence, excellence, resilience, and tech-savvy. Follow the path of a woman from categorization, immigration and naturalization, and identity politics to how an anti-racist voice and identity became a part of ongoing professional development and spiritual formation. Learn from a young millennial male how his journey has progressed from nationalism and multiculturalism to finding his place in today’s world.  

Seven people authentically and candidly provide a glimpse into unforgettable moments from their lives. Race, racism, racialization, minoritization, coloring, othering, and the white norm touched them. Education, faith, and family shaped them. Their passion for excellence, reconciliation, and justice reveals a transformative anti-racism that can help the goal of racial equity in everyday ways.

Come, read, study. Join the movement to build an equitable society, an anti-racist country, and world!

    July 19
    Charis Research
    Anita Coleman