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Fans of Vampire Diaries and Twilight will be thirsting for this latest vampire addiction…

My aunt has been kidnapped by vampires, and it’s up to me to save her. Only…I had no idea vampires existed. None. Nada. I’m more of a reader than a fighter, and even though I’d been wishing to escape my boring existence in the middle of nowhere, I’d give anything to have it back now if it meant my aunt was safe.

Then there’s the vampire Sebastian, who seems slightly nicer than most of the bloodsuckers I’ve run into so far. Yes, he’s the hottest being I’ve ever come across, but there’s no way I can trust him. He swears he’s helping me get answers, but there’s more to his story. Now I’m a key pawn in a raging vampire war, and I need to pick the right ally.

But my chances of surviving this war are slim at best, when the side I choose might be the one that wants me dead the most.

Young Adult
March 27
Entangled Publishing, LLC
Ninth Grade

Customer Reviews

Lisa Bateman ,

A Masterpiece

#Risen #NetGalley
*I received a copy from NetGalley in exchange of an honest review*
I’m just bubbling over with things to say about this book. It’s going to be hard because I don’t want to spoil anything, but at the same time, I’m dying to tell all about it! I will have to say that if you liked Twilight, you will LOVE this. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not the same old cliche. It has its own uniqueness. So Charlie lives with her aunt Rachel in a secluded cabin in the woods. More than anything, she longs to be far away from it and around other people. Oh, and there’s a German Shepherd she has named Jax. The story starts off with a bang. Nice looking guys in expensive suits show up and kidnap Rachel. One is left to “take care of” and dispose of Charlie. Little does she know, they are vampires from the clan called Mentis. She finds this out by running, which only triggers Sebastian’s bloodlust. Thankfully he doesn’t bite her because she has rubbed some natural cream on her that her aunt made. It repels vampires lol. It’s actually a funny moment. Sebastian is reluctant to do away with Charlie because he wasn’t really onboard with the idea in the first place. Queen Seraphina has taken him in when he was a child and claims to have saved him. She is a cruel queen and has been searching for Rachel a long time. When Sebastian touches Charlie, he has a flashback of memories from his past. Did I fail to mention that he has no memories of his past? They have been wiped. As the story progresses, we see more and more clues as to how Charlie isn’t as human as she thinks. Her blood seems to be toxic to vampires.

There’s two other clans of vampires, Corpus, which are vile, foul smelling creatures that look like corpses. And Animas which can change shape into crows. The king of the Animas is Metteo who is thought to maybe be Charlie’s father. He is in love with Rachel. The Animas want to coexist with humans and are a peaceful clan.

There’s so much I want to say. I’m not doing it justice but you just need to read it. I couldn’t put it down. There was never a dull moment. So many battles between the clans and also some glimpses into the Fae, which I think will play a bigger role in future books. I can’t wait for that. I think they play a big role in the vampire war. Along the way, we see a lot of surprises about Charlie. I should also mention there’s another major character named Opal who is a hunter. At first I didn’t like her. She was all about killing vampires. She is won over however and becomes Charlie’s best friend.

My only negative comment is the book sort of ends in a cliff hanger. Not as bad as some books I’ve read. There’s a good stopping point, but not like I would’ve liked. I still give it 5 stars because it grabbed my attention better than a lot of books and held it throughout. I really think it would make a great movie and I fell in love with the cover.

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