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Study Guide for Anna York's Rising UP! My Recovery from Multiple Sclerosis, Disability and Despair

Anna York's Rising UP! tells a profound story of healing that encompasses the whole person--physical, emotional, social and spiritual. It makes for a great read all the way through, just to see how it all happened. This interactive Study Guide will assist those readers who want to dig deeper into the transformational healing experience.

INTERACTIVE STUDY GUIDE: Interactive means you can get involved in the way that suits your own personal needs.

Perhaps you are reading for the story and don't want to be bothered with questions--at least the first time through. That's a great way to enjoy a book.

On the other hand, as you read, you may come across some ideas you would like to pursue in more depth. You might jump over to the questions for a particular mini-chapter and mark the ones you are interested in. You may even decide to read Rising UP! a second time and do the whole Study Guide. The choice is yours!

HIGHLIGHTS AND ANNOTATIONS: Most e-reader devices allow highlighting and some kind of marginal notes or annotations. I highly recommend using these tools. Instead of just reading the questions and thinking about them, make a habit of highlighting the answers to questions and making your own comments as you go along. Of course you can do all of the above in the print version as well.

JOURNALING: This guide will be especially helpful if you use the questions as probes for your own personal journaling. Highlights and marginal notes will help you focus your thoughts.

SHARE COMMENTS AND QUESTIONS: You can interact with the author and other readers by posting your questions and comments on Anna's Blog her her website or on Anna's Facebook page.

May God bless you and may the Spirit guide you as you seek insight and healing.

Anna York, author of Rising UP!

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June 13
Anna York
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