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Jessica Landry's f****d her way through the demonic Ancient One and his disciples of The Order to get everything she's ever wanted, and it worked. Her career is on fire, she's got a gorgeous penthouse, and an adorable half-demon baby.

She has everything she could ever want... Almost. She's horny as hell, and plain old human men just don't do it for her, not after kinky ritual gangbangs and demon sex. Vanilla isn’t exactly enticing once you’ve had all 31 flavors, and then some.

When the Ancient One pops up for a late night visit, she knows she's in for the mind-blowing sex she's been missing. But she learns that he's interested in a different kind of flavor: Jessica's milk.

Warning! This 3500 word story contains: a hulking, horny demon and a sexy, lactating blonde, breast play, sexual breastfeeding and suckling, and red hot demonic sex that will leave you quivering and begging for more...

Here's a taste:

The feeling of release as my milk passed from me to him was heavenly, the pleasure almost overwhelming. I threw my head back and let out a groan as the demon suckled, and I could hear contented moans deep in his throat with every swallow he took.

He pulled his head back, breaking the suction his mouth had on my nipple. A small arc of pearly white milk sprung from my nipple, splattering his crimson face.

The Ancient One looked up at me, burning eyes locking with mine.

"You are delicious." He said. His forked tongue moved over his black lips, collecting the stray droplets of my milk. I felt a grin spread over my face.

"You're not finished yet." I said, my voice deep and husky, full of fire. My hand went to my other breast, still uncomfortably full, and I stroked it. Taking my nipple into my hand, I gave it a firm rolling squeeze, coaxing a droplet of milk.

The Ancient One's eyes widened, that talented forked tongue snaking over his lips again. I collected the droplet on my finger and touched it to his lips. His eyes slipped closed for a moment in silent appreciation, then he lunged forward.

Fiction & Literature
July 2
Rose Black
Draft2Digital, LLC

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