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18+ for language and sexual situations…

Danielle Harris is the daughter of an overprotective police chief and has led a sheltered life. As a kindergarten teacher, she’s as far removed from the world of Harleys and bikers as you could get, but when she’s rescued by the sexy and dangerous Austin Carver, her life is changed forever.


Although Austin ‘Booker’ Carver is enamored by the innocent Dani, he tries to keep the police chief’s daughter at arm’s length. But when a threat is made from an unexpected source, he finds himself falling hard and fast for the only woman who can tame his wild heart.


Will Booker be able to find the source of the threat before it’s too late?

Will Dani finally give her heart to a man who’s everything she’s been warned about?

December 1
Trixie Publishing, Inc.
Trixie Publishing, Inc.

Customer Reviews

sbsbrinson ,

Road to Desire

Another good book by Piper Davenport! Even though motorcycle clubs aren’t my favorite, she made this one sweet, sexy, a little dangerous, and exciting.

Anaxkolasi ,


I love the Dogs of Fire! Austin “Booker” Carver and Dani Harris meet when her car breaks down and he comes to the rescue. They are an unlikely pair as he is part of the Dogs of Fire MC and she is the daughter of a sheriff. Austin is very alpha and they butt heads a few times when he tries to tell her what to do. Dani is a little naive and sheltered by her family. She has been taken advantage of by an ex and she is a little leery of the sexy biker. There is a little intrigue in this story, but this isn’t a gritty MC read. They are not 1%ers, and are mostly above board in their dealings. A lot of Piper Davenport’s books are interconnected, and you get cameos from the main characters in Witness and Justice. I would recommend this book and this series.

NicoleAshton ,

This plot makes no sense

The plot to this book doesn’t make sense. Character development is limited and the characters actions don’t follow logic. It’s also EXTREMELY sexist. This book basically is everything wrong with the patriarchy.
The author also says “back atya” entirely too often.

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