Rob Delaney

Mother. Wife. Sister. Human. Warrior. Falcon. Yardstick. Turban. Cabbage.

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From a Deadpool 2 fan favorite comes a “hilarious, raw” (Rolling Stone) memoir about love, sex, parenthood, work, substance abuse, and everything else that makes life wonderful and/or horrible.

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Rob Delaney is a comedy superstar. But if you’re ever watched him steal scenes as Peter in Deadpool 2, binged his streaming series Catastrophe, encountered his raunchy and mischievous Twitter presence, or witnessed the hilarious and painful sharing he does in his stand-up, you already know that. In his first book, he traces his journey from middle-class theater geek to public menace to devoted family man and passionately engaged model citizen—from his youthful obsession (and pen pal relationship) with heavy metal band Danzig and an episode of drunken bungee jumping off the Brooklyn Bridge, to his court-ordered stint in rehab and the miracle of his son’s birth. All together, these essays make clear why it is he is so darn lovable—and so f#!%ing funny.

Praise for Rob Delaney

“Unlike some books by comics, Delaney’s volume offers a rich, deeply considered (and yes, funny) look at his life. . . . A great read by any standard, but even more so for including stories about needing (and failing) to find a bathroom while jogging.”—E! Online

“One of the most hilarious bundles of words we have ever read.”Vice

“A book as funny, sincere, weird, wet, and wonderful as Rob Delaney himself.”—Jimmy Kimmel

“Heart-wrenchingly true tales exuding self-effacing whimsy and smart-guy charm.”Splitsider

“Delaney has a knack for pinpointing what’s hilarious and sad about adolescent bed-wetting and his own abundant body hair, but somehow the darkest chapters [in this book] make you laugh hardest.”Entertainment Weekly

“Rob Delaney has done it again! Actually, this is his first book, so he has not ‘done it again.’ Actually, this book is so good, I doubt he will be able to do it again. He’s peaked.”—Judd Apatow

“Rob’s transition from tweets to book is like a gold medal sprinter winning the marathon the next day. I am jealous and angry.”—Seth Meyers

“WARNING: This book may cause involuntary seepage. Some funny, funny, funny, funny s*** from the most dangerous man on Twitter. The fact that he’s just as funny in long form makes me want to vomit with envy.”—Anthony Bourdain

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Customer Reviews

jclack2 ,

Heart felt and funny

I admire how honest he was about his struggles.

meg*mac ,

gold medal in verbal Olympics

I cannot decide if I would rather have Rob as my brother, father or colleague (because hey - I respect the sanctity of marriage). Not since I met a boy named Holden has such a slender volume run me through the obstacle course of emotions - laughter being alpha. I know that I could pick this up again in a year and reap further benefit. RD is one the funniest and most heroic of anti-heroes. So good - I have foisted it upon friends and family who had not yet had the pleasure.

DueSouth ,

It's OK...

Really funny guy on twitter. Disappointing book.

Not sure what I expected, but not only is the level of liberalism through the roof (of course, he would mock me nonstop for saying that), but the guy just seemingly never made a good decision: alcoholism & drunk driving, drugs, etc. - with no take-away. Very disjointed stories with a few funny lines sprinkled in - only to be repeated a couple of chapters later.

I'll stick to 140 characters or less from Rob from now on.

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