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Step into the dark, seamy world of drug addiction, distrust, disloyalty, and greed and witness firsthand
its destructive and tragic effects.

Robert and Teresa Gilcriss, an upscale suburban couple, have all that life has to offer including two
sons, Godfrey and Reginald, and are the envy of their peers. However, their lives tragically fall apart despite
their good looks, material possessions, wealth, social status, and prominence.

Robert, a successful attorney in a nationally known law fi rm who is diagnosed with acute depression,
and Teresa, a socialite, terminate their marriage due to irreconcilable differences. Roberts downward spiral
begins immediately after with the loss of his powerful position to a fellow attorney, Tony Gonzo, for whom
he develops an intense hatred and is followed by his abrupt resignation.

Robert and Teresa develop other relationships and eventually marry their newfound partners, whom
they summarily divorce. Following an extraordinary string of events, Teresa marries Tony Gonzo, whom
she divorces upon Roberts instigation, and graduates from law school. Years later, the Gilcrisses gradually
bring their lives back on track by remarrying and settling into a successful law firm owned by Teresa. Robert
suddenly and shockingly confesses to Teresa that he is a drug addict and has no love for her despite their
remarriage. A physical scuffl e ensues, Robert threatens her life, and the unthinkable occurs leaving Teresa
no other choice but to murder him in self-defense.

Teresa is defended by Tony Gonzo, but is found guilty and incarcerated for her crime. Tony Gonzos
mistress visits Teresa in prison and makes known his evil strategy to destroy her due to his psychopathic
jealousies. Her case is retried, and she is eventually freed from prison, while Tony Gonzo is convicted for the
death of his mistress, but is later released from prison in a second trial based upon new evidence.

Teresa is suddenly found dead in her home. Tony Gonzo fl ees to France and is the main suspect. While
living on the French Riviera, he believes she is sitting opposite him at breakfast. He is stunned by her beauty,
and she suddenly disappears. He returns to his villa. He only wants to be with her and nothing more. He
ends his life.

This novel deals with the devastating consequences of rage, jealousy, hostility, and revenge. It
graphically features an exciting series of complex emotions and unique twists that create a gripping,
riveting, and suspenseful plot.

Fiction & Literature
July 30
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